‘Arrow’ Misses of the Week: “Unchained”

Spoilers for Arrow Season 4, Episode 12: “Unchained” 

This week’s episode of Arrow wasn’t the worst but it had some really questionable moments and my goodness I love to rail on this show. On the high side of things, Felicity’s story still remains the most interesting and the identity of The Calculator, AKA Evil Mr. Rogers, was a genuine surprise for me, so kudos there, CW. (Even though I’m reading that a lot of people saw that coming, but whatever. Felicity is my bae. Leave her alone.)

Moreover, several people came back from the “dead” this week, including Roy Harper, Nyssa, Tatsu, and Shado (kind of). Personally, all of them were welcome because I love everything Nyssa brings to the table and Roy is great for calling out Oliver on his BS. I know he probably won’t stick around, but I wish he would. He can be the new Black Canary.

But let’s get to the oopsies of the week, shall we?

arrow unchained 1

Why not call Constantine?

Look, I’m all for not overusing a deus ex, especially when it involves bringing more people back from the dead, but the show SPECIFICALLY mentioned Constantine and what he did to cure Sara Lance’s bloodlust. Is a phone call not something Oliver is willing to risk for Thea? Is it only something Constantine can do when a spin-off is on the line? Fine, Roy can start up Teen Titans and Thea is now a member. Get to curing.

(I realize that Sara’s soul wasn’t with her body and she wasn’t JUST affected by bloodlust, but come on, he has the power to do something.)

arrow unchained 2

Everyone’s Amnesia About Season 3

Another story line where Oliver has to choose between killing Malcolm Merlyn or saving someone he loves. Hooray.

All these different items keep coming out of the woodwork–the Lazarus Pit, the Lotus, all of it just to “save” people from the dead. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Thea, but I’m frustrated at how they are handling her story. She has the opportunity to be something truly special here; she isn’t Oliver. Thea’s morals have always been kind of suspect, so when it comes to life and death, why not allow her more time to question her existence? Why can’t she debate killing a bad guy to do more good in the world? I want to see more of that from Thea’s perspective, not Oliver or Malcolm’s as they try to control what she chooses.

Also, Malcolm, bebe, I love you. You have the singing voice of an angel, but you used Thea to kill Sara and instigate a war between Arrow and the League of Assassins for your own selfish gain. You get no say. So sshhhh.

AND. If Malcolm is Ra’s, wouldn’t he, too, know about The Lotus and the cure for bloodlust? Sure, maybe he didn’t want to go up against the Crescent Order, but that kind of fight doesn’t usually stop him from killing lackeys to get what he wants.

arrow unchained 3

Team Arrow Has PAGERS

Lol wut.

arrow unchained 4

The Flashbacks

WHY. WHY are we still suffering through this nonsense? Sure, it’s only like 2 minutes a week but it makes no sense to me. No one cares about what happened to Oliver on the island anymore. He has more interesting stories going on in the present. I doubt it, but I hope this is the last season we have to endure these flashbacks to nothing. I know, I know that by the end of the season some of it might make sense, like the tattoos will save Oliver’s life or some shit, but I hate it all.

arrow unchained 5

Runnin’ Runnin’ Runnin’ for mayor

I know that real politics take a long time and campaigning is a big deal, but the amount of people who have dropped in and out of this race is ridiculous. Just…get it over with, please.

AND. Oliver. Sweet, stupid Oliver. You are a Mayoral candidate. Your face is, theoretically, all over town–not that people don’t already know your pretty playboy facade–and you’re chasing baddies across rooftops without the hood? This is not your A game, Oliver. Honestly, I swear between Barry and Oliver and the way they “keep their identities a secret”, I just imagine Oliver signing all documents like this:

oliver queen signature

arrow unchained 6

Evil Mastermind Seeks Darhk Mercenaries

How does that Craigslist ad go, Calculator? You mentioned the “dark web” and I assume you meant “Darhk” Web, but he’s on vacation for a month or whatever because bad guys totally do that, so you just went out and found someone who loaned you a few guys with guns? “Feed and water them daily, try to not to get them killed, but hey if they die it’s the hazard of the job.”

And I’m angry we’re 12 episodes in and STILL don’t know whose grave that is from episode 1. At this point last season, Oliver had already been brought back from the dead at least twice. Quit grave-teasing, Arrow.

What do you think? Anything I missed?

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW at 8PM EST. 

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