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It's all come to this: Court room drama for the tertiary season closer to Upload. Will my disbelief be sustained?
With only one episode left of the third season of Upload, will "Upload Day" just be an Upload-Dud?

Upload Episode 3×6 Review: “Memory Crackers” Doesn’t Crumble Under the Pressure

Episode 3x6 titled "Memory Crackers" digs into a morally sludgy mind and mixes around some feelings of romance.

Upload Episode 3×5 Review: “Rescue Mission” Saves the Dreaded Mid-Season Slump

In episode 3x5 titled "Rescue Mission", my faith could be murkier than the Grey Zone, but it is not.

Upload Episode 3×4 Review: “Download Doctor” Remedies Some Problems, Ignores Others

Episode 4 of Upload titled "Download Doctor" further complicates things in good ways while sadly staying the same in other areas.

Upload Episode 3×3 Review: The Turkey Serves Itself in “CyberDiscountDay”

Sometimes people dazzle you with flash. Many times, it's just to cover up some real serious areas that need fixing. "CyberDiscountDay" is a PRIME example.

Upload Episode 3×2 Review: “Strawberry” Tastes More Tart Than Piquant

The second episode of this third season of Prime Video's Upload leaves very little room for subtlety to mixed results.

Upload Season 3 Premiere Review: The Second Hand Doesn’t Give Second Chances In “Ticking Clock”

In the tertiary season opener to the Amazon Prime Video series Upload, time is of the essence.

NYCC 2023: An Interview with Upload Costume Designer Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh on Season 3

An interview with Upload costume designer Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh on Upload and her process for season three.

Watch: ‘The Duff’ Teaser Trailer

Fans of the YA bestseller The Duff rejoice! Today CBS Films released the first trailer to their adaptation of the Kody Keplinger novel that...

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