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It's all come to this: Court room drama for the tertiary season closer to Upload. Will my disbelief be sustained?
With only one episode left of the third season of Upload, will "Upload Day" just be an Upload-Dud?

Upload Episode 3×6 Review: “Memory Crackers” Doesn’t Crumble Under the Pressure

Episode 3x6 titled "Memory Crackers" digs into a morally sludgy mind and mixes around some feelings of romance.

Upload Episode 3×5 Review: “Rescue Mission” Saves the Dreaded Mid-Season Slump

In episode 3x5 titled "Rescue Mission", my faith could be murkier than the Grey Zone, but it is not.

‘Space Force’ Episode 9 Review – “It’s Good To Be Back On The Moon”

With that's gone down this shitty year, we arrive on our of what constitutionally makes fun of what's wrong with a commander in chief...

‘Space Force’ Review Episode 4: “Lunar Habitat”

Can you survive in the cold final frontier? Get lost in Space Force with this recap of episode 4, "Lunar Habitat." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4mY2asIjWk Space Force Season 1...

‘Space Force’ Episode 3 Review: “Mark and Mallory Go To Washington”

Catch up on the Netflix Original series,¬†Space Force, with this recap of episode 3, "Mark and Mallory Go to Washington." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4mY2asIjWk   Space Force Season 1 Episodes: Episode...

Space Force Review Episode 1 – The Launch

As of this writing, it has been approximately 1,192,504,513 seconds ago when America established a branch of the military that would rival Sputnik. I...

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