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Review: In episode one of this Max original titled, “Let’s Try This Again”, Abe (Will Forte) and company are unfrozen and sent back to school. He’s determined to win Joan (Nicole Sullivan) back, though she’s not above...

The Last of Us Episode 9 Review: Look for the Light

Welcome to the season finale of The Last of Us. It's been quite a journey, starting with the collapse of humanity and taking Joel...

The Last of Us Episode 7 Review: Left Behind is a Flashback to Ellie’s Origins

Ellie has a beautiful friendship, but the show is starting to give diminishing returns.

‘The Last of Us’ Episode 6 Recap: Kin

Remember last week, when I said that The Last of Us was settling into a pattern? Where they'd show us the heartbreaking backstory of...

‘The Last of Us’ Episode 5 “Endure and Survive” Review

In this week’s The Last of Us, we meet Henry and Sam and are tough a valuable lesson: to Endure and Survive. Read our review of episode 5.

‘The Last of Us’ Episode 3 Recap: “Long, Long, Time”

The Last of Us returned this week with its third episode, "Long, Long Time" - a lovely episode, almost entirely zombie and fungus free. Yet it served as a beautiful reminder of what is actually at stake with Ellie and the potential for a cure.

House of the Dragon – Episode 9 Review: The Green Council

The King is dead! Long live the…King? Queen? Someone else?

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Review – The Lord of the Tides

In House of the Dragon, family dinners can sure be awkward.

House of the Dragon Episode 6 Recap – The Princess and the Queen

  As I was settling in to watch this week’s episode, I got a call from my mom. She was letting me know that she...

House of the Dragon – Episode 4 Review: King of the Narrow Sea

House of the Dragon returns with its best episode so far and it is really starting to feel like the Game of Thrones I used to love.

‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 3 Recap – Second of his Name

  House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 3: “Second of His Name” Air Date: 9/4/2022 It has been three years since last week (Feels like I’ve written...

House of the Dragon Review – Episode 2: The Rogue Prince

Things pick up in episode two of House of the Dragon, with a tense episode full of machinations.

HBO’s House of the Dragon May Be Taking the Wrong Lessons from Game of Thrones

After watching the first episode of House of the Dragon, I’m a little concerned that HBO took away exactly the wrong lessons from Game of Thrones. Hopefully, all of the pieces put into play will make some moves next week as the great game continues. It is good to be back in Westeros, though.

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