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The earnest yet chaotic documentary about telemarketing scams and official complicity doesn't break any new journalistic ground, but tells a hell of a story through an unlikely lens.
On the seasons finale of The Idol titled "Jocelyn Forever", the sven-ghoulie Tedros gets his wings clipped then taped back on by Joss but we're only shown that an investment, no matter how promising, only proves its worth if it can deliver. Verdict? Just save your time and do something more fun, like play in traffic.

Idle Worship: The Idol Podcast Episode 4: “Stars Belong to the World”

The penultimate episode of The Idol (HBO) titled "Stars Belong to the World" should just be renamed "The Fault In Our (Overpaid) Stars". That's my time, Goodnight.

Idle Worship: The Idol Podcast Episode 3: “Daybreak”

Incriminating photo, a dangerous disposition and a hairbrush have in common? We don't care much as we should in The Idol's (HBO) "Daybreak".

Exit Strategies, Entrance Exams On A Very Special Clone High Season Finale

Review In the penultimate episode, “For Your Consideration”, Principal Scudworth (Phil Lord) takes advantage of the Annual Crab Fest for the Board of Shadow Figures...

Idle Worship: The Idol Podcast Episode 2: “Double Fantasy”

DJ Walter Gibbons created the first commercially available remix in 70s. P-Diddy claimed he invented the remix in the early aughts. On the second episode of the The Idol (Max) titled "Double Fantasy", Joss's dreams of taking her own back with her own rebellious remix are put on ice by those with bifurcated tongue. Tedros didn't die in the first episode? Son of a bitch!

Idle Worship: The Idol Podcast Episode 1: “Pop Tarts & Rat Tales”

Sam Levinson (Euphoria), Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), and Reza Fahim shine a spotlight on the darkness of the music industry, but rather than revealing the deep ugliness, it revels in slimy, shallow sewage.

Floods, Pheromones Plague Clone High in “Spring Broke” + “Sexy-Ed”

The student body at Clone High suffer in the desert and then suffer in school and then suffer in a mansion. Teens, am I right?

Hearts Flutter, Legs Flail in Clone High Episodes 5 + 6: “Some Talking but Mostly Songs” b/w “Saved by the Kroll”

Review The fifth episode, titled “Some Talking but Mostly Songs”, hits the refrain of another musical outing. Opening on a preview for the steamy serial...

Tranquility Kicks Rocks in “Anxious Times at Clone High” & “The Crown”

All hell breaks loose at Clone High when pre-midterms are here. That's chump change, however, when Homecoming is right around the bend.

Max’s Clone High Reboot Shows No Signs Of Freezer Burn

Review: In episode one of this Max original titled, “Let’s Try This Again”, Abe (Will Forte) and company are unfrozen and sent back to school....

The Last of Us Episode 9 Review: Look for the Light

Welcome to the season finale of The Last of Us. It's been quite a journey, starting with the collapse of humanity and taking Joel...

The Last of Us Episode 7 Review: Left Behind is a Flashback to Ellie’s Origins

Ellie has a beautiful friendship, but the show is starting to give diminishing returns.

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