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If vengeance had a theme song, I would think this diamond needle of the mindfuckery finale of I May Destroy You (HBO) titled "Ego Death" would play it, Hi-Fidelity.
"In too deep." It's a common phrase that can cross a few lines in terms of meaning. It can mean you're emotionally invested too much. It can mean you're dangerously in too much, like going undercover.  These are gradients and there are Welcome to the eighth episode of I May Destroy You (HBO) titled "Line Spectrum Border". 

‘I May Destroy You’ Episode 7 Recap – “Happy Animals”

Cash is King, and it makes Arabella sing in "Happy Animals," episode 7 of I May Destroy You. Whether that song is a happy one...

‘I May Destroy You’ Episode 6 Recap – “The Alliance”

In the sixth episode of I May Destroy You, titled "The Alliance", the show goes more extensively into why sometimes hurt people hurt people.

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