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Review In the penultimate episode, “For Your Consideration”, Principal Scudworth (Phil Lord) takes advantage of the Annual Crab Fest for the Board of Shadow Figures to propose “Cloney Island”, a pet project introduced in episode 2 of...
The student body at Clone High suffer in the desert and then suffer in school and then suffer in a mansion. Teens, am I right?

Hearts Flutter, Legs Flail in Clone High Episodes 5 + 6: “Some Talking but Mostly Songs” b/w “Saved by the Kroll”

Review The fifth episode, titled “Some Talking but Mostly Songs”, hits the refrain of another musical outing. Opening on a preview for the steamy serial...

Tranquility Kicks Rocks in “Anxious Times at Clone High” & “The Crown”

All hell breaks loose at Clone High when pre-midterms are here. That's chump change, however, when Homecoming is right around the bend.

Max’s Clone High Reboot Shows No Signs Of Freezer Burn

Review: In episode one of this Max original titled, “Let’s Try This Again”, Abe (Will Forte) and company are unfrozen and sent back to school....

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