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Louie: “Bobby’s House” Review

Louie, Bobby's House

Louie Season 5, Episode 4 – “Bobby’s House” Air date: April 30 (10:30pm e/p) Louie has always had a fondness …

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Dancing With the Stars Review: Happy 10th Anniversary, DWTS!


This week Dancing With the Stars aired back-to-back night episodes, with the regular Monday episode, followed by the 10th Anniversary Special, …

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Watch ‘Dig’ Go Deeper Than Ever in This Exclusive First Look Clip

The plot has certainly thickened on USA Network’s event series “Dig,” as the final two episodes prepare to shed long-awaited …

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‘Revenge’ to End This Season on ABC


Emily Thorne’s quest to seek revenge is coming to an end. Entertainment Weekly has learned that the series starring Emily Vancamp will …

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AGENTS OF SHIELD Recap: “The Dirty Half Dozen”

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD has crafted an intricate and tight arc over the course of its second season, and as we race …

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Monday Night RAW Recap, 4/28/2015: Triple Threat Match slated for ‘Payback’

Extreme Rules was absolute flaming dogshit and highlighted much of what I’ve been going on about for the past few …

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Mighty No. 9 Gets Official Release Date

Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to Mega Man by Keiji Inafune himself (Co-designer of Mega Man), is coming in September. …

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Community Review: Chang-a-Rang

Community Season 6 Episode 8 – “Intro to Recycled Cinema” Grade: A- Finally, character development! Also, an episode using Chang …

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Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass Announced

batman: arkham knight

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Publisher has major video game months away from release and announces a season …

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New ‘Dragon Ball’ Series Set to Air This Year

Dragon Ball

13 year old you is about to lose their shit because Dragon Ball is coming back with a brand new series …

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WWE Extreme Rules Recap, 4/26/2015: Broken “rules”; Rollins retains the title

So, seriously – I really, honestly forgot that Extreme Rules was this weekend. The lead-up has been fairly weak with …

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Penny Dreadful: Season One Prize Pack Giveaway

With the second season of Penny Dreadful about to premiere on Showtime this weekend, The Workprint is giving away prize …

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