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‘Atomic Blonde’ Review: Sexy, Not Smart

Wonder Woman created a considerable buzz, becoming the highest grossing female-directed movie of all time. Because of this, I started thinking about women’s role in...

‘Dunkirk’ Review: Nolan Does It Again

Dunkirk lives up to the hype and further solidifies Christopher Nolan as one of best filmmakers to emerge in recent memory.

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Review

Art inspires, but at times it can make us uncomfortable.

‘Lion’ Roars With Emotion

Stranger than fiction. Sometimes real life events are so incredible that they seem like works of fiction. I’ve had a few moments in life...

Season 1 of ‘Insecure’ is Dope As F**k

Life is messy. It’s not a fairy tale. Insecure reminds us of this fact in brutal, humorous fashion.

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