Bilal Mian is Workprint’s Editor in Chief, who happens to be stuck in more traffic than anyone else should ever live through.


workprint_writers2Erin Biglow is a lifelong pop culture junkie used to alienating others with a savant-like knowledge of film, television and celebrity trivia. A native Wisconsinite, Erin migrated to Los Angeles after college to turn her journalism degree and instinctive knack for the entertainment industry into a career. It was there she found her people. When not on the red carpet or trapped in front of her laptop, Erin enjoys hiking, reading and continuing her quest to find the perfect cheeseburger. Follow Erin’s media musings on Twitter via @ErinBiglow and right here at The Workprint.

workprint_writersKeith Kuramoto is an award-winning writer and video editor in both narrative and new media entertainment. Originally from San Francisco, he relocated to Los Angeles to stay close to the action, but now is mostly stuck in traffic amidst carloads of gluten-free, soy macchiato, instagramming Downward Dogs who are already late to their CrossFit class. But he knows it’s a small price to pay to be creative, rub shoulders with the famous and powerful, and be spitting distance from Tarantino’s new revival theater.workprint_nicole

Nicole C.
is an editor for The Workprint. She drinks copious amounts of coffee and tends to read and watch things with a little of the magical or fiction of the science kind to them.

workprint_mattdegrootAfter growing up in small town Iowa, Matt DeGroot fell in love with movies and has pretty much devoted the rest of his life to watching them, reviewing them, and hopefully making them. He now lives in West Hollywood and spends any time not spent of watching movies producing educational media content and playing adult dodgeball.


workprint_jenA nerd to the core, Jen Stayrook spends most nights up late playing video games. When she’s not kicking everyone’s butt in the virtual world, she obsessively over analyzes every book she reads. You can usually find Jen arguing about Game of Thrones theories or ranting about the necessary return of Firefly. Once, Jen wrestled the Lochness Monster and won. Even though she owns a top hat, Jen’s never been described as “classy.” You can find her on Twitter: @jentheamazing Or on her blog: http://jenstayrook.com/.

workprint_writers2Will Fan is a man of varied interests. Born in New Jersey, he was raised on a steady diet of books, videogames, television, and movies. A strong interest in science led him to receive his degree in Molecular Biology & Biochemisty with a double major in Linguistics, neither of which have anything to do with the media industry.  With no formal background in film or television, he approaches most things with an open mind. He can find equal enjoyment in the latest Cannes selection or mindless popcorn fare, and tries his best to offer fair and measured opinions. When he’s not binging on movies or television, he’s probably working his way through an extensive backlog of unfinished videogames.