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Steve Rogers Faces the Outer Circle This August in Captain America Finale

Will Cap and Bucky remain friends? Or will Captain America Finale destroy everything?


It’s really dangerous to miss an arc or two these days. I say that as someone who usually catches up on comics a year or two later at his local library. I thought I was up to date with Steve Rogers, more or less. He died, came back to life, was briefly Hydra scum, and Falcon took his mantle. That’s it, right? Wrong. Apparently, there have also been two ongoing storylines, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty and Symbol of Truth, and now they’re having a massive crossover in something called Captain America Finale.

If you’re also in dire need of catching up, here’s the premise:

It all comes down to this! CAPTAIN AMERICA FINALE #1 will mark the end of Steve Rogers’ current era as writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Carmen Carnero present the climactic final battle of their CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY run. Steve will make his final stand against the Outer Circle, the new group of villains who now count Bucky Barnes as a member. Has Bucky finally come to his senses? Or will his misguided actions mark the end of one of comic book’s longest-standing friendships? Using information gathered from friends on the inside, Steve Rogers sets his sights on releasing the world from the Outer Circle’s influence and ending the Century Game for good. Within this thrilling confrontation also comes a new beginning—Bucky’s journey as the Revolution, Sharon Carter’s evolution as the new Destroyer, Black Widow’s new mission, and much more will continue later this year!

All this will happen in an oversized one shot this August. So if you’re eager to see what the champion of liberty is up to next, be sure to check out Captain America Finale in a few short months. And check out the epic full cover below!

Captain America Finale

Art and Cover by CARMEN CARNERO
On Sale 8/16

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