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The X-Men’s Future Lies in the Past in Upcoming Jean Grey Series

Leave it to Jean Grey to save the day once more in her upcoming solo series.


Jean Grey has always been a big deal in comics. And not just because she was prominently featured in the X-Men animated series, though that didn’t hurt. Now, with the upcoming Fall of X event, all mutantkind will be on the precipice of disaster. Only by looking into her past and coming to terms with herself will Jean Grey be able to save all of mutantkind once more in the Jean Grey solo series.

Here’s what you can expect from the story:

FALL OF X will officially kick off in July’s X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1 where epic tragedy will strike and mutantkind’s future will spiral into uncertainty. Throughout this period of turmoil, Jean Grey, the heart of the X-Men, holds the key to rescue mutantkind, but first she’ll need to go on a journey alone into the darkest periods of her history. Joined by artist Bernard Chang (Children of the Atom), Simonson will reveal senses-shattering new insights behind key moments in Jean’s past including her early days with the X-Men, her breathtaking first interaction with the Phoenix Force, her shocking confrontation with Madelyne Pryor, and more. Each chapter will be packed with heartbreaking secrets and pulse-pounding mystery as Jean discovers the truth of what’s happening and what she must do… From the ashes of Jean’s past comes the only hope for the X-Men’s salvation!

I don’t doubt that Jean Grey has the stuff to survive Fall of X and come out stronger. The only question I have is whether she’ll emerge as a hero or something else. If you’re eager to see how Louise Simonson handles this arc, check it out this August. And stay tuned to The Workprint for more Marvel stories!

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