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New Black Panther #1 comic book trailer shows how effective T’Challa can be without a crown!

Eve L. Ewing and Chris Allen’s new run on BLACK PANTHER’s ongoing comic series starts June 14!


The king is out, long live the king! Welcome Eve L. Ewing, award-winning author behind Ironheart, Monica Rambeau: Photon, and Chris Allen, the artist of Marvel Stormbreaker (Miles Morales: Spider-Man), tackling a new ongoing Black Panther in the wake of John Ridley’s renowned run. This series will follow T’Challa’s determination to continue serving his people even after his exile from the throne. Despite being stripped of his royal birthright and forced on the lam, T’Challa isn’t quitting on his country, instead, he’s resigned himself to a life of covert contributions operating out of Wakanda city buried deep in the jungles of his homeland. A city that shares a name with his father: Birnin T’Chaka. Now no better than a common vigilante, the Black Panther remains committed to protecting the Wakandan people of this neglected city from crime. Unfortunately, that won’t be as easy as it seems when he discovers new challenging forces like deeply ingrained crime families, and unimaginable corruption.

For a first look check out the new Black Panther #1 trailer with exclusive artwork. See the streets of Birnin T’Chaka for yourself! A city that’s both beautiful and deadly, where the Black Panther sets his sights on the criminals and their network, along with a new foil, Beisa! This attractive thief is all too happy to show T’Challa how her city really works, and fans will get to see the brutal lesson right in the debut issue!

The trailer also premieres Black Panther’s stunning new costume design by series artist Chris Allen.

“I am so excited for people to see this character design! T’Challa is going to be looking really different. It’s much more edgy and kind of homespun. It’s not so sleek and slick. Not giving too much away from the story, he’s trying not to be seen. He’s kind of working incognito,” Ewing said during an appearance on The TODAY Show. “What I can say, honestly, is that we will be seeing Wakanda in a way that we have not seen it ever before.”


BLACK PANTHER #1 – 75960620503500111

Written by EVE L. EWING




Women of Marvel Variant Cover by ELENA CASAGRANDE & JORDIE BELLAIRE – 75960620503500121

Design Variant Cover by CHRIS ALLEN – 75960620503500118

Hidden Gem Variant Cover by STEVE RUDE & CHRIS O’HALLORAN – 75960620503500116

Variant Cover by MATEUS MANHANINI – 75960620503500117

Variant Cover by MR GARCIN – 75960620503500191

Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG – 75960620503500161

Stormbreakers Variant Cover by CHRIS ALLEN & GURU-eFX; – 75960620503500181

Howard the Duck Variant Cover by SANFORD GREENE – 75960620503500151

Variant Cover by RAHZZAH – 75960620503500171

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