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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Scene-by-Scene: Episodes 6-7

Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Aidan Gallagher, and Emmy Raver-Lampman in "A Light Supper" Episode #2.6. All Image Credits: Netflix

The following are extensive scene-by-scene Umbrella Academy Season 2 recaps of episodes 6-7

Created by Steve Blackman, and based on comics by Gabriel Ba and Gerard Way, the following are the most detailed recaps you can find available online. So far, we’ve already covered episodes 1-3 of Umbrella Academy Season 2 along with episodes 4-5 of Umbrella Academy Season 2. This recap will be on episodes 6 and 7. The purpose of these is mostly, to see if you missed anything at all or are looking for a refresher.


Reginald, Ben, Klaus, and Five talk over diner
Reginald, Ben, Klaus, and Five discuss the end of the world in S2 E6: A Light Supper.


Episode 6: A Light Supper

We’re in a flashback. It’s 1961. The episode opens on the alleyway behind Elliot’s loft just outside of the Avon theatre, as Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) has just landed into the past for the first time. Alone, confused, and still unable to speak, she enters Stadtler’s diner where she’s immediately kicked out for being black. Outside, several white men accost her for being in the wrong part of town. She punches one and then runs as the men chase her across town. Allison finds herself at the Ladies’ Beauty Parlor, where several black women working there protect her.

Time passes. In the distance, Arthea Franklin’s “Won’t Be Long” plays on the radio. Allison now works at the beauty parlor trying to get by in the 1960s, though her voice, at least initially, still doesn’t work. One day on the job, a handsome-looking Raymond Chestnut (Yusuf Gatewood) walks into the parlor and preaches word about the why they peacefully protest. Allison is handed a flyer by a patron. She takes it, and later soon, Ray visits again and approaches her. Allison hands him back his pamphlet with notes and spelling corrections. Ray asks her name. Allison shares it, speaking aloud for the first time since time traveling, her throat: now healed.

Back at the warehouse,  Five (Aidan Gallagher) holds his foot over Lila’s throat and shares that he knows she was playing Diego to get to him. The Handler tells Five the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, revealing that Lila is her daughter. On that note, Five lets Lila (Ritu Arya) up, and he and The Handler (Kate Walsh) talk business, forcing an upset Lila to leave them be. The Handler gets down to business and gives Five her terms: to kill the Collective Board of Directors to effectively leave her in charge. The Handler shares that she’s the only one who knows where the Board will be gathering, and so, tells Five that she’s her only option. Five thinks it over though still holds hope on his father.

Back at the loft,  Luther (Tom Hopper) thinks the dinner invite from Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), their father, is a setup. Vanya thinks they should attend. Luther reminds her why she should be mad: as he isolated her from the rest of the family, hopped her up on pills, and brainwashed her into thinking she had no powers. Luther thinks Reginald will turn them all against one another. Diego begs to differ, as this time, they have him along with a united front. No more number 1 or 2, just the family and team zero.

Luther, Diego, and Vanya. All down for Team Zero in S2 E6 ‘A Light Supper’ Credit: Netflix


At the mansion,  Ben (Justin H. Min) argues with a yoga stretching Klaus (Robert Sheehan) that he can’t just tell his cult outright that the world is about to end, especially, as most gave up their families to be here; especially Jill — Ben’s crush. He convinces Klaus to tell them the other truth: that Klaus mostly started this cult for fun… and also, because he is a narcissist.

Sadly agreeing with his brother to tell the truth rather than cause them to panic, Klaus approaches his followers in the main gathering room and reveals: that he’s a fraud who’s been lying to them from the start. Suddenly, Keechie (Dov Tiefenbach) stands and says that he’s a fraud too. Klaus tells them he’s making it up again, but Keechie spins it again:

“Only when we admit our own fraudulence can there be humility!” – Keechie to Klaus

It leads to other people also admitting that they’re frauds, not unlike that infamous moment in Spartacus. Klaus gives up and tells Ben he tried.

At Allison’s place. Ray is astonished there was a black president. That and Allison has powers. He tells her to prove it, and so, they head to the town’s main street and go into a men’s clothing store. They’re told colored folks can’t try on the merch and so Allison uses her power to force them. Moments later, Alison and Ray try on different suits as the staff accommodates them. Ray grins.

Outside, Ray wears a new suit. Together they walk until they reach a window, with a smoking dressed outfit. Allison goes into this store too. Moments later, the two walk the street both in new outfits. Ray how Allison doesn’t do this all the time but soon gets his answer, as Allison sees Stadtler’s diner. She goes in, and soon after, the manager tries to kick them out but she commands him to shut his mouth. She then asks for coffee and forces the manager to continuously pour until it overflows and starts to burn his hand. She tells him to pour even more but soon after, Ray snaps her out of it, and the two leave the store. When they get home later, Ray asks if Allison ever used her ability on him; though the truth is: he would never know. At that awkward moment, they find a letter on the floor addressed to Allison: Reginald Hargreeve’s dinner invitation.

At an old-timer’s bingo blitz, Lila asks why she wasn’t assigned to kill the board instead of Five but The Handler tells her it was about deniability. The Handler then asks Lila about Diego, as it’s obvious she’s fallen for him, her wearing Diego’s bracelet from the asylum being proof; though, Lila states it’s just her trophy for a job well done. The handler then asks Lila if asked to kill Diego, would she? Lila hesitates. Suddenly, The Handler wins the game, and the patio set she wanted.

“I can’t take a piss without you nitpicking at my aim!” – Klaus to Ben

In the mansion, Klaus finds a bottle of alcohol to drink, as Ben reprimands him saying that he needs help. Klaus retorts that he’s tired of ben, comparing to their controlling father. Angry, Ben runs full-on into Klaus and briefly is inside of him. Dave and Jill arrive at the mansion at an awkward time where the brothers process what just happened.

Later, Klaus and Dave walk through the foregrounds as Klaus shares all the information he knows about Dave. He tries convincing his lover from a different lifetime, not to enlist in the army in order to save his life. He then tells Dave how he will die, and Klaus shows Dave’s dog tags to him. Dave argues that even if he believed Klaus, this is what he signed up for having already enlisted. Klaus is confused. Dave wasn’t supposed to enlist yet; realizing, the family’s actions must be changing history. Dave gives the tags back and leaves a saddened Klaus. Suddenly, Keechie arrives to hand Klaus Hargreeve’s dinner invitation.

In a sauna, The Leader of the Swedes holds Diego’s knife as the brothers try and relax. The Handler joins them, as the tall one aggressively stands to reprimand her, but she tightly grabs his dick in her hand and threatens him. She offers the leader the exact location of Diego, wanting Number Two to end his game of ‘hide the sausage’ with her daughter. The Handler’s only request to the Swedes is that they don’t hurt Five. They agree. Before leaving, the leader gets a sniff of the side of The Handler’s neck: which smells like lavender.

At night, Five looks at the Southland Life building. He enters the tall hotel and goes into an elevator, where eventually, each member of the Umbrella Academy join him to his delight. Luther has an apprehensive expression…. then gulps. And farts. He apologizes as he’s very nervous.

When they arrive, they enter a tiki-lounge, and Five offers to lead the conversation but the family disagrees, as they all have things to say. Vanya goes by conch shell rules to speak in turn, as Allison takes it next, and then Diego throws it against a wall. At that moment, dad enters the room. He immediately wants to know what they want and why do they keep calling him “Dad”.

Five tells him they’re his children from the future with special abilities. Each member shows their talents, though it’s mostly over bickering. Soon after, Allison begins to drink heavily, and Diego reprimands his father for trying to assassinate the president. Hargreeves deduces from Diego’s approach, that he’s a desperate man tragically aware of his own insignificance, though whose role is rather small in this tale. This causes Diego to stutter again, heartbroken, as he begins crying a little. Five then tells Hargreeves there’s a catastrophic war in five days that ends the world. Hargreeves tells him they’re the special ones, why don’t they band together and do something. Upset, Ben runs into Klaus’ body and tries to say his name but they both collapse on the floor. Hargreeves then has seen enough and begins to leave. Luther stands, yells, and rips open his shirt screaming:

“Look at what you did to me!” – Luther to Hargreeves in S2E6 ‘A Light Supper’


Nothing changes in Reginald’s demeanor. Five is told to follow Hargreeves.

Later, in the disappointing ride down the elevator together, Klaus tells Ben that he had no right to possess him. Allison celebrates Luther for finally standing up to dad. Diego is upset, saying so much for team zero, no one having his ass. Luther drags a knocked ut Klaus.

Outside, Diego sees Grace and shows her a picture of Hargreeves on the grassy knoll. How he’s planning to kill President Kennedy. Grace doesn’t believe it but Diego tells him to ask him, personally. Meanwhile, Sissy arrives and seeks an audience with Vanya having gotten her invitation at the home.

Back upstairs, Five has a drink with Hargreeves. He shares that he’s technically older than his dad at this point. Five asks Hargreeves what he knows about time travel, but it isn’t much. He then shares he went too far forward, then too far in the past. Hargreeves gives advice to Five saying perhaps he should try traveling in seconds not decades — relating to the parable that an acorn doesn’t become an oak overnight. It isn’t too helpful. Hargreeves apologizes he couldn’t help more. Five says sorry for giving him shit as a kid. The two men drink cognac together.

At Morty’s TV and Radio, Elliot enters his apartment with groceries. Suddenly, he’s flanked by the Swedes, who ask for Diego. They torture him.

Moments later, in Sissy’s car, Sissy shares to Vanya that what’s happening between them is dangerous, as people don’t abide women like this around here. Vanya offers to run away to somewhere safe together, so long as Sissy trusts Vanya. She says she does. They kiss and Sissy asks here to get out of here. She does warn, however, about Carl’s brother, who is a state trooper. A man loyal to his brother that won’t let them go if Carl ever found out. At that moment, in the distance, we see Carl who conveniently spies on his wife watching Sissy and Vanya make out.

Back at Elliot’s Diego and Luther find blood drops on the floor. Once they check the area, they find a murdered Elliot and see signs of torture and an object jammed in his eye. On the floor beyond the railing, they see etched in blood on the shop floor:

“Oga For Oga”

At the hotel, the Handler let’s Five into her room. Five agrees to take out the board, so long as The Handler leave him and his family alone too. She gives him a piece of paper with the whereabouts of the next meeting of the Commission board member gathering:

“The Lonely Lodger Inn, Oshkosh Wisconsin 1982”


AJ hides amidst the bloodshed in S2E7 ‘Oga for Oga’.


Episode 7: Oga For Oga

We open on Five following the piece of paper’s instructions and arriving at the Lonely Lodger Inn, 1982. Inside, he greets an overly peppy woman by a letter board that reads: The Wisconsin Polka association. He asks her for the Midwest Soybean Society is meeting, then asks for change for a snack at the vending machine. She says he’s in luck and gives her change. He replies:

“You know some say luck is to die at the right time.”

This upsets the woman. Uneasy, Five selects a Fudge Nutter for purchase but it gets stuck, and so he hits the vending machine, and then angrily, kicks-in the glass. Afterward, he passes a sheet cake and slashes a finger across it then takes a fire axe off the wall, stopping at a meeting room for: The Midwest Soybean Society. He goes inside and finds AJ, and soon after, murders the board members one-by-one leaving the room a grotesque mess in the process. AJ offers more money than The Handler is giving, but Five states this isn’t about money. Before he can kill AJ, the woman who gave him change tackles him, not for the murders, but because of his breaking of the vending machine. He knocks her out and chases after a fleeting AJ, grabbing a cricket bat on the wall. Five smashes in AJ’s fishbowl.

At the mansion, Ben and Klaus have a standoff as Klaus refuses to sleep for out of fear that Ben will possess him. Every time he closes his eyes, Ben moves a little closer. Klaus tells him to stop as he’s going through a lot due to Dave and his inability to prevent him for going off to war and die. Ben mentions that this is how he feels every day: powerless. After some thought, Klaus reluctantly agrees to let Ben spend time with the girl he likes: Jill. Though he says there has to be set ground rules.

At the ranch house, Carl scowls at Vanya as Sissy clears the table. He orders Vanya to drive him to Jim Varlan’s ranch, despite Sissy’s protests in wanting her to go with Harlan.

At the Chestnut house, Ray tells Allison that JFK’s team wants to meet with their people — their hard work finally paying off. Ray says that he’ll be back and will bring soup, gives Allison a kiss, and then heads out. Allison looks at him and says that she loves him.

In the alley behind Morty’s, a battered and bleeding Five hands The Handler AJ the goldfish. In return, The Handler gives Five a briefcase, revealed to be teleporting back home in 90 minutes, as anything longer could raise suspicion. Happy at the prospect of returning the timeline but upset there’s not much time, Five retreats with the briefcase to round up his siblings.

Back at the apartment, Diego removes the knife from Elliot’s body. He suspects it’s the Feds; Luther, thinks it’s a psychopath. The brothers look over the railing and see words smeared in blood: Oga Foroga. Confused, they look up the name in the phonebook and find a woman whose name matches. The brothers accost Oga over the phone and say they’re going to come after her. Five arrives and sees the evidence. He corrects his dimwitted brothers: it’s Oga-for-Oga, meaning an eye-for-an-eye, and that the Swedes killed him.

At the commission main offices, The handler, in a purple suit jacket addresses everyone on a megaphone how everyone on the board was assassinated. She asks for a full investigation. She also proclaims herself in charge of the commission despite being demoted — a sentiment that both upsets and confuses the commission workers.

At Elliot’s apartment, Five cleans-up the bloodstains in the bathroom and tells Luther and Diego he has a solution to get back to their timeline. The cost: they all have to go now! Luther is assigned to get Allison. Diego, Klaus. Five will get Vanya. When questioned by Diego about the legitimacy of this plan, Five tells them Elliot got killed because of them. That going home is the only way to make it right (by fixing the timeline and ending doomsday). Diego says he needs to say bye to Lila first, but Five reveals she’s commission. Someone using him to get to Five. Upset, Five makes it worse pointing out Diego is the Lee Harvey Oswald of this story: a conspirator and patsy. Even more upset, Five says he’ll kill Diego himself if he doesn’t go with them. Disheartened, Diego concedes, as his big brother Luther puts a hand on his shoulder and says:

“Women. Right?” – Luther to Diego



Klaus and Jill make dirt angels in S2 E7: Oga for Oga.


Back in the mansion, Klaus goes over some ground rules with Ben, steels himself, and then lets his brother possess his body. Ben is ecstatic and loving being alive, giddily giggling as he takes in every touch, smell, and sensation. He eats a grapefruit. Curls his toes into the dirt. His heart races, as, in bliss over life — Jill finds and randomly joins him. His crush then sits beside him and together, they make dirt angels.

Meanwhile, at a different ranch, Carl gets to his friend’s house with Vanya sitting in the passenger seat. He gets out and walks over to the cattle. Vanya follows and asks why she is here. Carl asks if she’s ever heard of hoof-and-mouth disease. Describes the necessity of having to eliminate the threat early… before it spreads. Vanya defends herself:

“Who I am is not a disease.” – Vanya

Carl then threatens Harlan’s life, suggesting that he would send him off to a facility for special needs. That is, unless Vanya leaves him, and his family’s lives for good, wanting to do away with what he deems a ‘queer threat’. He tosses Vanya the keys so that he can get drunk with his friends and will hitch a ride back home. He expects her gone when he returns.

At Chestnut House, Luther tells Allison they have to leave in 42 minutes so that doomsday will end and life will go back to normal. Allison wonders if she can see her daughter, Claire (Coco Assad), again, but questions what if Five is wrong? Luther defends Five iterating they do not belong here. He reminds her that they are special and don’t get to live normal lives. She says it’s unfair, but Luther says they have to risk everything to save everything… reminding her it’s The Umbrella Academy’s best trait:

“Recklessness?” – Allison

“Hope.” – Luther

Back at the mansion outside the garden, Ben enjoys eating a strawberry in Klaus’s body. Jill thinks Klaus/Ben is somehow, dorkier. He smiles shyly in return. Then he asks Jill if he can smell her hair. The view arcs and Ben’s now in place of Klaus. Jill asks if he wants to have sex, here and now, but Ben isn’t sure. Suddenly, Klaus (as a ghost) slaps himself/Ben. Afterward, Ben tells Jill that she doesn’t know the real him, as Ben confesses to being a virgin (He was young when he died). Jill is confused, as she questions about last week, when she, Klaus, and Keechie spent time…

“On the sex swing practicing the suspended, extended, four-part unification?” Jill, revealing that Klaus cult is indeed, part sex-cult.

Ben calls Klaus filthy which leads to Jill kissing him in a heavy make-out session, her legs wrapped around his waist. Before things get heavier, Diego arrives and tells Ben/Klaus they have to go.

At the commission, The Handler puts AJ into a fishbowl, as a nervous Lila twist and twirls Diego’s bracelet. Seeing her daughter worried, The Handler appoints Lila Head Security officer. She gratefully accepts but wants to do it her own way. The Handler agrees to Lila’s terms as she’s earned it.

Back at the Mansion, Ben (as Klaus) walks with Diego and is incredibly happy to see him. Diego thinks he’s just high. Ben/Klaus shares to Diego that he’s Ben. Diego tells him to prove it and asks what did Ben reprogram Allison’s Teddy Ruxpin to say as children. Ben replies:

“Luther Sniffs Dad’s Underwear!” – Ben

He smiles and Diego hugs him. We cut-back and see Klaus as Ben as they’re hugging. He then shares he can posses Klaus now. Diego tells Ben that they need to meet at the rendezvous behind Elliot’s in 30 minutes, and asks Ben to stay in control of Klaus as he needs someone responsible behind the wheel. Ben agrees. Suddenly, Klaus fights back and tries to kick Ben out. Ben rushes back into the mansion.

On the road, Vanya and Five randomly run into each other in their cars. Five tells her that they need to go now, but Vanya wants to take Sissy. Five says no. Vanya argues Sissy deserves to have a happy life and Harlan can get the help he needs. She insists that they’re coming. Five says they can’t risk bringing them. Angry, she reasons why does Five get to decide as he’s the reason they’re stuck in first place. Five retorts that if he did nothing they’d all be dead thanks to Vanya.

Vanya and Five standoff in S2 E7: Oga for Oga.


Suddenly, Five goes on to threaten Vanya not to test him. Vanya tells him that she was about to say the same thing. The two standoff and muster up their tremendous powers. Vanya then says fine, but states she needs to say bye. He reluctantly agrees and then tells her to meet in alley after.

Elsewhere, Diego digs a hole for the newly deceased Elliot. Suddenly, Lila arrives. Upset, Diego reveals he knows the truth about how she lied. Lila says that the rest was true, and that she was lying mostly to protect him. They argue:

“Do you know how hard it is to trust people when your entire childhood is just manipulation?” – Diego

“I do.” – Lila

“Then why would you do that to me.” – Diego

Diego proclaims that he is going to dig this hole, save the world, and then forget that they ever met. Lila soon realizes that it’s Elliot who’s dead. Sad, she pulls out a flask and cheers to Elliot, saying she’ll miss his crazy theories and sharing his bed with Diego. She pours some in her mouth then hands it to Diego, who guzzles her flask. Soon after, Diego sways, as Lila spits out the liquid. Diego passes out: drugged. Lila grabs Diego by the legs and pulls him away.

At the Chestnut house, Allison looks on at the remaining minutes on the clock and speaks with Ray for one last time. She asks if Ray would come with her, but he feels like he can’t just leave the movement. Says tells him the movement isn’t over, even in 2019, but Ray asks if the work they’re doing makes an impact. Allison concedes that it does. Ray says that if that’s the case, he can’t leave it behind. Sad, Allison tells Ray she can rumor him to take the pain of their memories together away. Ray declines as he doesn’t want to forget. He tells her:

“I’d take my year with you over a lifetime with anybody else, hear me? I’m still the luckiest man I know.”

They kiss. Allison pulls away but is interrupted as a knock appears at the door: The Swedes dressed at Vacuum salesmen. Allison has never met them yet, and so she opens the door but tells them now’s not a good time. They punch her in the throat and forcibly enter.

At the ranch house, Sissy finds Vanya packing and tells her that they’re leaving now. Vanya tells Sissy that Carl knows about their relationship and threatened to institutionalize Harlan. Vanya tells her they need to leave now but Sissy wants to leave a note. Vanya disagrees as they need to leave. Before they leave, Sissy doubles back for the coffee can of money. She pauses and looks around…

At the mansion, Ben/Klaus struggles to maintain control. He runs outside to the rendezvous but is stopped by Keechie, whom he leaves in charge while he’s gone. Ben’s final words to the cult, is to tell Jill the roll in the dirt was the greatest moment of his life. Keechie begs for some final words of wisdom… Ben/Klaus obliges:

Oh my God We’re back again. Brother’s sisters everybody sing. We’re gonna bring the flavor show you how.”

Back with Allison, Ray sees her fall over as the Swedes forcefully enter. She grabs a poker, as the leader throws the vacuum at ray. Ray tries fighting back but the leader beats him. Allison grabs a vacuum attachment and stabs the tall Swede in the eye, making him back off.

In the rendezvous alley behind Morty’s, Five retrieves the Commission briefcase from a dumpster. Luther joins him: the only sibling to make it on time. Suddenly, a still possessed Klaus runs into the alley as Ben struggles to maintain control. Klaus twitches then vomits, expelling Ben into the pavement as they both crumple. There are 8 minutes left and Five wonders where the others are.

Back in the Chestnut house, Ray stabs the leader in the leg with a corkscrew. The tall Swede then collapses onto the couch, with the vacuum attachment lodged in his eyeball. Allison rumors the Leader to kill his brother, and so he does so, choking the life out of his brother. When the leader returns to conscious, he’s horrified at killing his own, then retreats over what he just did. Ray freaks out realizing there’s a dead white man in the living room. Allison realizes they’re out of time.

Meanwhile, Sissy and Vanya hold hands as they drive to the rendezvous. Unfortunately, they see a roadblock. Surprised it all happened so fast, Sissy confesses that she left Carl a note…

Waking up from his drugging, Diego comes to at the commission. Lila sitting at an opposite chair by his side. She introduces Diego to her mother, The Handler. She also calls Diego her boyfriend.

In the alleyway, with but one-minute remaining, Five is furious. Luther can’t believe what’s happening. Klaus still wriggles on floor along with Ben. Five can’t believe they just blew their chance to save the world. The briefcase sets off. Five tosses it, as it disappears into a flash of light.

On the road, Vanya and Sissy stop at a highway patrol checkpoint where a trooper with a shotgun approaches. This is Jerry, Carl’s brother whom Sissy had warned Vanya about. Jerry tells them to get out of the car, claiming that they kidnapped Harlan. Vanya threatens that she doesn’t want to hurt Jerry. He cocks his shotgun in reply. Angry, Vanya uses her power to throw the driver’s side door open knocking Jerry to the ground. The other police troopers open fire and Vanya blasts them with a powerful energy wave. For a brief moment, Vanya looks at Sissy as she feels slightly betrayed (and told Sissy not to leave a note). Jerry uses the opening to knock Vanya out with the butt of his shotgun.


R.I.P. Elliot. We barely knew ye… and that’s okay.


Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to process in this one. The meeting with daddy Hargreeves, the death of Elliot, and the Umbrella Academy failing to stop the end of the world and head home on time? All fantastic cliffhangers that compel the audience to want more. To be honest, at this point, I was just incredibly impressed with how well written the story is and how easily the narratives flow together. I think it hits all the right beats between the LGBTQ story (Vanya), civil rights one (Allison), and then, of course, all the brotherly dysfunctional arcs (Klaus/Ben) and (Diego/Luther and Failed Romances).

Then of course there’s Five, who’s absolutely the star this season in having to bring the team together plus deal with the apocalypse and address daddy Hargreeves.

It’s a lot to process. It’s also a lot of fun. I’m also impressed by how nothing felt excessive and everyone has a character arc that fits the storyline. It feels like a genuine family.

Of the dysfunctional superhero adaptations last year, I ranked:

  1. Doom Patrol
  2. The Boys
  3. The Umbrella Academy

At least, terms of what I enjoyed. Why? Well, Doom Patrol had a unique villain in Mr. Nobody. The boys touched on messed up things nobody else would. And Umbrella Academy, for all it’s fun, sort of meandered a bunch towards the end. This year, for all three shows and their second seasons, I think it’s going to be the reverse (But The Boys hasn’t aired yet so I won’t know for certain):

  1. The Umbrella Academy
  2. The Boys
  3. Doom Patrol

Yes, I believe this season’s Umbrella Academy is that good.

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