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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Scene-by-Scene: Episodes 4-5

Ellen Page as Vanya in Umbrella Academy S2 E4: The Majestic Twelve. All Image Credits: Netflix.

The following are extensive scene-by-scene recaps of episodes 4-5 of ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 2

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Created by Steve Blackman, and based on comics by Gabriel Ba and Gerard Way, the following are the most detailed recaps you can find available online. So far, we’ve already covered episodes 1-3 of Umbrella Academy Season 2. These will be episodes 4-5. The purpose of these is mostly, to see if you missed anything at all or are looking for a refresher.


The Majestic 12
The Majestic 12. Missing in Photo: Reginald Hargreeves

Episode 4: The Majestic 12

We open on a series of flashbacks beginning in London England, 1993 where a pleading couple is assassinated. Afterward, a pair of ruby-colored high heeled shoes step into the room revealed to be the feet of The Handler (Kate Walsh). After a faceless assassin leaves The Handler finds an action figure left on the floor. She checks finds a concealed wall panel, where a little girl cowers inside: Lila. The Handler takes her away.

Later, at the Commission, Lila eats ice cream at The Handler’s office as the woman strokes Lila’s hair. She’s taken her in. Afterward, it cuts to about a decade later, where the Handler fires an AK-47 at Lila who runs through an obstacle course while performing several backflips. We cut to even later, where while walking through the commission, The Handler teachers Lila mandarin. Eventually, we see Lila as a teen — The Handler puts a corsage on her and snaps a photo. The scene ends with Lila, still with her corsage and pink dress, now stepping out of a limo. A dead man in a tux slumps dead on the floor.

Back in the present, while eating pancakes and champagne, The Handler informs Lila (Ritu Arya) that her mission is to keep Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) alive. They argue over what to do about Diego, but then, Lila informs her mother about The Swedes. The Handler is surprised they’re already there, then reassures her daughter that they know Lila is undercover (an obvious lie). Lila doesn’t like this any of this but follows her orders.

At the ‘Plano Street Boarding House’, Luther (Tom Hopper) has a nightmare. He wakes in pain from his fight the night before, thinking it is Allison calling for him, though it’s revealed to be Vanya (Ellen Page). He sits up and they catch up with what Five has informed her about her memories. She asks what Five is hiding. Luther, feeling guilty about his part in her suffering, tells her the truth: that Vanya caused the apocalypse. He tells her that she gets angry and out of control: she can destroy the world.

Suddenly, Jack Ruby (John Kapelos) enters the room, upset about Luther losing his fight last night. He ends their relationship which saddens both of them, as he’d treated Luther like a son. Upset, Luther wants to be alone, but Vanya wants to stay. Luther smashes in a wall, revealing through the new gaping hole: Five, waiting outside. Vanya leaves Luther alone, and then outside, storms past Five, angry that he never told her that she is the cause of the apocalypse.

At Allison’s house, a hungover Klaus (Robert Sheehan) sleeps on the couch and requests Coffee, B12, and a bowl of Menudo. In the backdrop, Allison freaks out as her husband has gone missing. She regrets using her rumor powers in front of him though Klaus tries reassures her that it was done to save his life. He then sits down and recounts a completely inaccurate account of The Scorpion and The Frog Fable With his version, involving money-exchanges, and the improper conclusion: that Frogs are bitches and never negotiate with terrorists. Unable to handle Klaus’ stupidity, she leaves to find her husband.

Lila and Diego. Now acting, very much, like an unofficial couple in Umbrella Academy S2 E4: The Majestic 12

In Elliot’s loft, Lila changes Diego’s bandage. Five says that he suspects who sent in the Swedes, but emphasizes that they need to focus on finding their father. Diego (David Castañeda) mentions that he found him but was stabbed, which Five jokingly says is something all of them wanted to do at some point and time. Lila tries giving Five a high five but is snubbed, hinting at a breaking trust. Five hands over the invitation he’d stolen off Sir Reginald’s desk: an invite from Hoyt Hillenkoetter, whom Elliot recognizes as one of the Majestic Twelve: which are a secret shadow government committee. They see a photo of twelve but realize the twelfth member is missing. Five and Diego suspect it’s their father given the invitation.

At the ranch, Vanya pulls up in the station wagon while Sissy (Marin Ireland) collects eggs. They embrace in an extendedly long hug. Sissy looks at her car, now damaged from the attack by the Swedes, though does not mind. She just wants to know how Vanya is doing. Together, they head in to talk over breakfast.

At Stadler’s diner, Dave (Calem MacDonald) eats lunch with his uncle Brian (Rod Wilson), who steps out to use the bathroom. Klaus steps in and warns Dave not to enlist in Vietnam, hoping to save his life, as he knows how influential Brian’s influence is to Dave on having him enlist. Suddenly, Brian comes back, and queer shames Klaus forcing Dave into making a choice. Dave makes it and then punches Klaus who at this point, had done nothing but show compassion and love. Klaus retreats. Ben (Justin H. Min) watches the ordeal unfold. He worries about his brother’s sobriety.

At the Beauty Parlor, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman)finds Ray gathered with all of their fellow activists who have kicked her out due to the riot. She’s mad Ray never tried to call and they go outside to argue, where Ray demands to know how she convinced the cop to leave her alone. Allison doesn’t explain her powers, not wanting to tell the truth. Upset, Ray leaves and heads back inside the parlor.

Elsewhere, Klaus begins to break his sobriety despite Ben’s protests. Klaus drinks at the store double fisting. Later, he swaggers back to the mansion, but finds the door open, as the bus of his followers have returned. Paranoid, Klaus runs away from them as they chase him down.

At the American and Mexican consulate, a well-dressed Diego, Lila, and Five, sneak into the mansion. Before they head in, Five tells Lila he doesn’t trust her.

At a barbeque joint, Luther eats alone at a table. Suddenly, he sees Allison who’d gotten his message to meet up. He cleans up the crumbs on his face and the two end up hugging. Allison notices Luther’s bruises. Heartbroken, he reassures he’s okay and then swallows his sorrows as he congratulations her on being married. Allison tells Luther she never gave up on them, but needed someone to hold onto, especially given the situation (being black and unable to speak in 1960s). Luther holds her hand and reassures her:

“No one gets to tell us how to deal with the end of the world. Right? Not even each other.”

After, they update each other on what they know about the family. Luther shares that Vanya’s on a farm and Happy. Also, that Diego’s in a nuthouse. Allison shares: Klaus has become a cult leader. Luther then shares that Five has returned and that the end of the world is coming… again.

Back at the consulate, Diego, Lila, and Five mingle and search for the Majestic Twelve. Diego confronts Lila for leaving last night after they slept together. She lies, saying that she got gauze for his wounds. Enjoying each other’s company, the two dance in an adjacent room. We notice their dancing skills, chemistry, and Diego’s bracelet from the Asylum which Lila has kept on her wrist. Suddenly, takes the lead and the two playfully sway.

But across the room, Diego notices something: mom. He suddenly leaves Lila as his date awkwardly steps away. Diego approaches a woman who looks just like his mother and meets Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins), the woman who looks exactly like his mother (And likely the person his robotic mom was based on). Grace admits to being with Diego’s father as his date, and after a brief moment of getting to know each other, Diego realizes he left Lila. He goes off to find her, as the camera moves throughout the party until it reaches the servant’s area, revealing the Swedes are here in disguise.

At the ranch house, Vanya struggles to share the truth about why she believes they’re in danger. She tells Sissy that she’s leaving. In return, Sissy tells her that they can escape together. Vanya knows they can’t. Suddenly, Harlan sees this, and disturbed over Vanya’s leaving, runs quickly away. The two women split up to chase after him. In the distance, Vanya overhears a splash and she runs to the edge of a large bond, finding Harlan’s toy bird in the water but no Harlan. She focuses her powers and parts the water in the pond, finding Harlan on the muddy ground. She rushes to him and carries him ashore, then performs CPR. Seemingly dead, Vanya breathes some of her power into Harlan, as he coughs and snaps back up. Sissy thanks Vanya for saving him.

At the Plano Street Boarding House, Luther gets officially evicted. He goes over to Elliot’s apartment, asking if he can crash with Five. Elliot lets him. As he looks Elliot’s apartment up-and-down he sits on the sofa. Feeling defeated, Luther notices a nitrous canister. Elliot offers to do some with him.

Back at the ranch house, Sissy takes a drink made by Vanya and soon after, breaks down and cries. In that moment of closeness, Vanya tells her she should leave. Sissy breaks down, not realizing just how isolated her life has become with a husband who never notices her and a son who can’ t speak. She doesn’t know how to express it, but she’d do anything to get Vanya, the only person who understands her, to stay. The women kiss… Then, have sex.

At Allison’s house, she answers the door to find Klaus who has officially broken his sobriety. She frowns, then covers her sibling with a blanket.

In Elliot’s apartment, Elliot and Luther bond as they get high off nitrous oxide. Elliot reveals his dad was a dentist, who left him this place in his will when he died. Luther shares that he lost his dad too, who left him on the moon. Elliot reveals that he only leaves the house between 9am and 10am Monday to Friday. Luther reveals that he lost a fight, his job, and the woman he loved who has married someone else. Elliot reveals that his wife left him for his best friend on their 10th anniversary. Together, the men only have one reassurance: that they’re all going to die in seven days anyway.

Back at the consulate mansion party, Five explores the upstairs and eventually finds the meeting of the Majestic Twelve. He blinks into a closet to hear them, where Sir Reginald (Colm Feore) overhears a rustling, and so, attacks the closet with a fire poker but finds nothing. On the opposite side of the wall, Five blinks into the hallway, but finds one of the tall Swedes waiting. Five attacks the assassin and the two fight, but soon, his powers sputter out as he’s out of energy. The Majestic Twelve hear the battle outside and retreat to a safer location.

At that moment, Diego comes upstairs, but The leader and the other assassin gang up on him. Lila comes upstairs and is forced to make a choice: help Diego (her love) or protect Five (her assignment). Lila picks five. Together, they eventually push the big assassin out the window. Five then sees Hargreeves and Grace in the parking lot and chases after. Lila follows Five. Diego, still battling alone, incapacitates one of the Swedes and then fights the Leader one-on-one in a fistfight. Diego eventually wins.

Outside, five yells something in Ancient Greek to Reginald Hargreeves as he retreats in the Limo. Diego and Lila join him. Reginald drives away with a concerned look on his face.


Klaus, Allison, and Vanya dancing in Umbrella Academy S2E5: Valhalla.

Episode 5: Valhalla

We open in on a dark crate being delivered from the Congo. It opens to find Grace Hargreeves reaching out a hand to a tiny chimpanzee: Pogo. We flashforward, and soon see Grace and other scientists record timings as Pogo goes through astronaut training. It’s revealed Reginald Hargreeves is also there. Later, we see Pogo launched in a space shuttle launch, but shortly after, something goes wrong. His spaceship crashes. Later, we see Pogo, now dying and burnt, given CPR by Grace. Grace fears for his life. Reginald then arrives and brings an experimental drug he injects Pogo with. Pogo awakens, healed, but changed. Grace hugs Reginald. Later, Reginald reads some Homer to Pogo, who along with Grace, have become Pogo’s new stepparents in this bizarre adopted family.

Back in the present, Lila tells Five and Diego that they need to leave the mansion party. Five doesn’t trust her, as she seems too able to handle herself. Five warns that if he ever sees her again he’ll kill her. She’s shocked but when Diego asks why she helped Five and not him, he’s unsatisfied and leaves too. Lila is now alone.

Klaus and Ben wake up on Allison’s kitchen floor. Klaus is drunk. Allison greets him. Expecting a scolding, Klaus points out that between the riot she incited and her troubling marriage, they should drink. After some thought, she agrees though wants to do it right: with some nice mixes! Ben gets frustrated with his siblings.

In the morning, Sissy and Vanya wake up naked in bed together. Vanya mentions, what if they could get away somewhere safe together where they could be like this all the time implying she wants to take Sissy and Harlan with her. Suddenly, Carl is back home early. They rush to get dressed.

At the apartment, Luther cooks a bunch of eggs for himself, as Diego complains about the Swedes following them. Five deduces that it’s likely hired guns meant to stop them. He mentions the closest they’ve gotten to their father was there at the consulate. Luther him that’s not true: he saw him earlier.

In a flashback, Luther does what he can to save for a bus and head to their mansion. He is surprised to find a large party of people inside along with his father, Reginald. Who is very much the life of the party. Luther tells him that he’s his son and Reginald denies it as an impossibility. Luther shares secrets to the contrary, but Reginald reveals that he has a deep dislike of children and would never want someone like Luther (A Grotesque Monkey-Man) as a child. Luther is heartbroken.

Back in the present, Five says he wants to talk to Reginald about time travel. Diego wants to stop Reginald from killing the president. Five then says he wants to bring the Umbrella Academy back together. Five agrees to get Allison if Luther agrees to get Vanya.

At the ranch house, Carl touches his wife Sissy, as he celebrates about making a big sale. Excited, he wants to celebrate with his family and implies he wants to make love to his wife. This disturbs Vanya as it’s evident Sissy doesn’t want this. While this is happening, Harlan plays operation, as tensions rise, and Vanya’s power cracks a kitchen window. Harlan puts his hand atop of Vanya’s which calms her down. Sissy agrees to go out with Carl for the evening.

At the Handler’s hotel, Lila complains to her mother that the Swedes nearly killed her and almost blew her mission. The Handler asks if she brought what she asked for and Lila obliges handing over Diego’s knife. After being told to sit, The Handler treats her daughter’s wounds and reveals that she’s right: The Commission didn’t sanction Lila’s mission. Lila complains that Five kicked her out of the band, but The Handler tells her it’s okay. She has a plan.

At Elliot’s loft, Elliot talks about the history of gelatin desserts, which slightly disturbs Luther, Diego, and Vanya. Diego tells him he’ll try some if he’ll shut up. Luther asks Vanya how she’s doing, who replies that she’s fine. Diego suspiciously questions Vanya, as the last time they were together she tried sucking the life out of him with energy tentacles. After she apologizes, he settles that they are okay. Suddenly, a drunk Klaus and Allison arrive with Five, all for a happy reunion (though Klaus lies and says Ben isn’t there, the two still somewhat bickering towards each other).

The Umbrella Academy reunited in S2 E5: Valhalla

Outside, a residence, Lila, and The Handler look at the Swede’s stolen cat-lady house — as a nefarious plot comes to motion. The Handler murders one of the stray cats from the house nipping at her feet. Inside, the Swedes pet several cats, as their leader looks at a photo of the three of them with a middle-aged woman. Suddenly, a canister drops down the chimney — apparently, new orders from the commission — and the trio look at a paper labeled ‘commission memo’. In it, are coordinates and a picture of Diego. Though it is implied to be forged instructions written by The Handler.

Back at the loft, Five apologizes to the family and then gives them the rundown on the apocalypse. Their only lead to what’s happening: a photo of their father, whom they know has been meeting with shady people. Together, they agree that the issue is their father, though Five wants to find him and Diego wants to kill him. Vanya wonders if the issue is actually the seven of them if they’ve done anything to mess up the timeline…

At that moment, a sea of problems is confessed: Diego has been stalking Lee Harvey Oswalt, Luther is working for Jack Ruby, Allison has gotten involved in civil rights politics, and Klaus has started a cult (which he influences mostly via Pop Lyrics). The least worry amongst the family has been Vanya, who has been working as a nanny. Diego points out all their actions are connected to JFK.

Five mentions that he saw them all die as Russian nukes vaporized the world. He concludes that their dad will know the answer. Luther begins to leave the meeting and Diego chases after. As Five teleports to bar Luther’s path, the tall monkey man tosses his brother over a railing. Five teleports outside to avoid the collision. He finds Lila who’s stalking him and runs. Five chases after her.

Back inside, Klaus asks to grab tacos with his sisters. They agree. Ben, alone, sees his family go and says that he has missed them all so much.

Luther is chased down by Diego who wants to know why he is quitting. Luther reveals that the last time they did this the world almost ended because he couldn’t help but overestimate his importance. He then accosts Diego on why he can’t let go of the JFK assassination. Diego argues it is because he’s a hero, but Luther argues that’s just the lie their father told them. Disagreeing as always, eventually, Diego concludes they’re on the right path as a black car rolls up behind them, one which he’s noticed has been following them since they left Elliot’s. A car approaches and a man delivers them a letter from their father: an invite to meet up together over dinner.

At the beauty parlor, Allison, Klaus, and Vanya lament. Allison questions about the need to keep her husband distant from the truth of her life to protect him. Vanya questions if the end of the world is really happening. Klaus meanwhile, wonders: What if Five grew up to be hot? Allison finds it gross, though Klaus reminds her of her relationship with Luther. Vanya is confused as she thought they’re all brothers and sisters. Klaus then calls them out on their horrible relationship history:

“I mean, who in this room knows shit about relationships? This one? In secret love with some farm Frau?” – Klaus

“Her name’s Sissy.” – Vanya

“Which is an improvement on her previous love interest, the serial killer” – Klaus

“What?!” – Vanya

“Meanwhile, I’m carrying a torch for a soldier I haven’t technically met yet. And Luther is in love with his sister.” – Klaus

“Okay, again. We are not biological!” – Allison

“Face it, the healthiest long-term relationship in this family was when Five was banging that mannequin. The only thing the Umbrella Academy knows about love… is how to screw it up.” – Klaus

Vanya asks how they usually handle this craziness. Klaus shares: that he gets very high, Allison lies to herself, and then Vanya suppresses all her emotions until she blows shit up. They conclude that with only six days left to live they’re going to be honest. Vanya will tell Sissy she loves her. Allison will tell her husband the truth. Klaus will breakup with his cult. Together, the trio hug and dance it out.

Elsewhere, the Swedes reach the destination given to them via their orders. They find Diego’s knife embedded in the trunk. As one brother approaches, a tripwire triggers a mine, vaporizing him and leaving only his severed leg. They see Diego’s knife stuck in the tree concluding who the culprit is.

Meanwhile, Lila runs towards a paint manufacturing plant as Five continues to follow her in the distance. When he catches up to her, they fight, and Lila proves to be a very even match, as Five repeatedly fails to get the jump on her despite his teleportation. Eventually, Lila kicks him, but Five trips her and then puts his foot on Lila’s throat. He then tells her to come out and The Handler reveals herself, surprised Five figured it out. He mentions Lila fights like all those commission drones.

At Sissy’s ranch house, Vanya returns home drunk, finding Sissy in a nightgown. She confesses her love to her, only to find Carl in his underwear, going into the kitchen for a quick beer. He smacks Sissy’s butt and walks back to their bedroom. Vanya gives an accusatory look to Sissy, who then defends herself saying that was all fantasy talk this morning. Vanya tells her they are out of time to be brave, with only six days left, and Sissy tells Vanya she can’t be with her openly… Vanya leaves.

Meanwhile, the Swedes hold a makeshift Viking funeral, sending their beloved brother off to the halls of Valhalla, as a flaming arrow hits the dead assassin’s severed leg. The brothers cry for their lost sibling. They want to seek out revenge.

At an outdoor food joint, Diego and Luther sit at a picnic table. Diego looks at a picture of Reginald Hargreeves and the invitation to dinner. Luther eats. Elsewhere, Klaus returns to his mansion and his followers. Allison returns home and finds Ray and offers to tell him everything.


Final Thoughts

This season is bananas.


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