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Marvel’s Voices Swings into the Spider-Verse with a new collection of Characters

A first-look at MARVEL’S VOICES: SPIDER-VERSE #1 available on April 12th


Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse will continue the Voices line’s tradition of spotlighting diversity in the Marvel Universe. Focusing on the Spider-Verse this time around, this beautiful oversized one-shot showcases some of Marvel’s best talents from people of color.

Below are a highlight of what readers should expect:

  • Writer of the smash-hit Miles Morales: Spider-Man ongoing series, Cody Ziglar returns to the Spider-Verse alongside superstar artist Jahnoy Lindsay with a teamup story starring Miles Morales and Misty Knight with Miles’ baby sister Billie along for the ride!
  • Cooper Coen, aka Web-Weaver, is back to slay another day! Co-creator Steve Foxe and showstopping artist Luciano Vecchio take the breakout hero from Edge of Spider-Verse to Fire Island for a showdown against a new version of Kraven the Hunter!
  • Writer Vita Ayala and artist Alberto Alburquerque craft a wild day for Miles Morales as his duties as Spider-Man threaten to steal him away from those he loves most!
  • Fresh off his limited series, Spider-Punk and his band return to face down his reality’s version of the Sinister Six, the SINISTER SEXTET! Rock out with writer J. Holtham and artist Ken Lashley in this action-packed tale!
  • Writer Jeremy Holt and artist Eric Koda tell a thought-provoking and personal story straight from Silk’s point of view that explores the toll of being a superhero!
  • Meet SPIDER-FRIEND! This all-new character comes from a corner of the Marvel Multiverse that’s filled with laugh tracks and filmed in front a live studio audience! Don’t adjust your television set as you enjoy this one-of-a-kind story from writer/artist Jason Loo!
  • And writer Cheryl Lynn Eaton and artist Julian Shaw bring readers to a dystopian future where Electro controls the power grid and keeps the world in the dark until a new Spider hero rises up… Witness the very first adventure of RECLUSE!
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