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20th Century Studios Will Host its own Marvel Comics Imprint beginning in April

20th Century Studios hosts major IPs such as Planet of The Apes, Aliens, and Avatar.


As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter last week, Marvel Comics is launching a separate line for its 20th Century Studios IP.  This new line will kick off with PLANET OF THE APES #1, on sale April 5, shortly followed by Marvel’s upcoming ALIEN and PREDATOR comic book series.

“Ever since we announced our Alien and Predator comics, we hoped to create a special space within our comics line to go even bigger and bolder and keep building on the iconic moments from these properties that we all know and love. This 20th Century Studios comics imprint, in collaboration with our friends at 20th Century Studios, is the perfect way to do that,” said C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. “Now that we’re bringing back Planet of the Apes again through classic comic book storytelling, we are absolutely thrilled to officially launch this imprint for the fans, and we’re all honored to expand upon it in the coming months.”

“We’ve had a blast working with C.B. and his team and, as lifetime Marvel comics fans, it’s an honor to be a part of such an enduring creative legacy,” said Steve Asbell President, 20th Century Studios. “We think fans will love the fresh takes on these beloved, iconic movies.”

Combined, the two studios will have loads of best-selling movies adaptable for the comics format. In the past two years, Marvel began publishing its latest ALIEN comic book series in 2021 and its latest PREDATOR comic book series in 2022.



Written by DAVID F. WALKER


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On Sale April 5

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