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‘Marvel’s Voices: Black Panther #26’ Sees Debut of Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Artist Nelson Daniel

Vibranium Makes the World Go Round



Talk about your best new stories! The latest Marvel Voices infinity comic is a complete focus in on Black Panther. It’s an absolute gem for a single issue. An absolute must read for fans of the voices series, and more importantly, any fan of the Black Panther comics.

The story jumps almost right into the action seeing T’Challa battle in space against a foe of epic, yet strangely equal, proportions. It’s a unique take to a lot of the old Black Panther narrative, mostly by using the fictional approach of giving a voice to something so influential to the Black Panther universe (that I’ll omit saying for spoilers), and seeing how this would respond and feel about everything that’s happened in Wakanda in relation to it.

Especially in regards to the country’s champion, T’Challa…

Now, the writing is excellent and ties into the world rather seemlessly. Boarder strife and mistrust still resonate between the people of Wakanda, though what happens, sort of (if only temporarily) reminds everyone about their roots and the shaky foundations of peace. A soft yet earthly space meant to be tended with care.

I must say, Eaton’s dialogues and attention to detail with both tone and lore makes this issue feel more grounded to Wakanda than I was expecting. The story, though short, is surprisingly compelling: giving us a full arc and three acts somehow in the span of a vertical comic. With a lot of attention given to a certain item of interest from T’Challa’s past that sort of gets this journey started.

On the art side, what immediately stands out is the sublime coloring by Ceci de la Cruz. Vibrant blends of yellows, pinks, and purples that really accentuate the spread. The vertical feels like we’re in the midst of battle both above and within Wakanda and its surrounding environment. With background art that’s sublime and pops in the vertical panels feeling three dimensional and alive.

I can’t stress enough that this is one of the best infinity comics I’ve ever read on Marvel Unlimited. Not just for the action but the settings, pacing, and dialogue too. A must-read for any fans out there.


Black Panther

One-shot launches on Wednesday, November 23 
Writer: Cheryl Lynn Eaton 
Artist: Nelson Daniel 
Colorist: Ceci de la Cruz 
Editor: Sarah Brunstad

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