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Nadia Pym and Ironheart Meet Paragon in Avengers Unlimited #21

Available Now on Marvel Unlimited



In the latest Avengers Unlimited #21, fans of the Infinity Comic Avengers are in for a treat. The vertical comic series sees Nadia Pym and Ironheart working on some new tech over at Y.E.T.I., the Stark-sponsored Youth Engineering Technology Interchange. Lectures, technology, and youthful hijinks galore, we see the duo women very much in their element while talking about their latest projects, where Ironheart showcases some brand new skins during a lecture; when suddenly, the duo are greeted by the strange, Paragon. An alien champion of a now failing race who’s come to earth seeking the Avengers.

This new story arc will run for four issues straight form November into December. It is written, penciled, and inked by Patch Zircher, with colors by Javier Tartaglia. Part one of the “The Doomsday Man” issue ends on a cliffhanger regarding a call to action for Earth’s mightiest heroes. Though who exactly is Paragon, and why does it look like an albino version of the human torch but with psychic abilities as well, remains a complete mystery.

The Avengers Unlimited comic series follows in the footsteps of the X-Men Unlimited infinity comic series. Both take the same approach with a vertical comics approach that de-emphasizes both panels and page turns. All while running along down for a scrollable screen for a approach that’s very accessible on tablets and phones.  Like most unlimited series, the approach doesn’t necessarily bind a single story together, but rather, brings on a whole new cast and creative team between arcs all to showcase some of Marvel’s latest talent.

“The Doomsday Man” issue opens with quite a bang for readers interested in checking it out. Issue #21 has just debuted and is available right now, with one more that’ll continue next week in issue #22, dropping on Marvel Unlimited November 29, and then two more the following weeks after.

4-issue arc launches on Tuesday, November 22 
Writer/Artist: Patch Zircher 
Colorist: Java Tartaglia 
Editor: Tom Brevoort 



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