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Learn More About Magneto’s Complex Past in Series This August

From Master of Magnetism to Headmaster of the Xavier Institute.

Credit: Marvel

I still remember when I first saw Magneto. I was watching the X-Men animated series, which as a kid I adored. The powerful Master of Magnetism was a constant threat to my favorite mutants. He seemed like a powerful one note villain at the time, but over the years the character has shown more facets. Such as how he survived the horrors of the Holocaust, and how he later healed the rift between himself and longtime friend, Charles Xavier. Point being, he’s always been a bit of a hard character to nail down, but has always been someone that drives the drama of the stories.

Which brings us to the upcoming solo series written by J.M. Dematteis and Todd Nauck, coming this August, just in time for the 60th anniversary of the X-Men. It delves into the past of Magneto, when Professor X was away getting life-saving treatment, and Erik decided to help out and serve as temporary Headmaster of the Xavier Institute. And who were his students, other than the New Mutants? Also known as a group he’d faced on the field of battle many times before, and even tried to kill!

Magneto Series | Irae
Credit: Marvel

Here’s what the people behind this upcoming story have to say about Magneto:

“Magneto may be the single most complex character in the Marvel Universe: a man of dizzying contradictions who has endured, and caused, extraordinary suffering. Who’s been both villain and hero. Whose long, tangled history invites endless exploration,” DeMatteis said. “Our new Magneto series allows us to look at all aspects of Erik Lehnsherr’s soul and psyche—at a period when he was trying to put his life as a so-called ‘evil’ mutant behind him and step, somewhat reluctantly, into Charles Xavier’s shoes, attempting to guide a new generation of mutants. We also get to look back at the early days of the X-Men—one of my favorite periods in Marvel history—and introduce a new villain, born in the cauldron of Magneto’s dark past.”

I’m definitely excited to see where this story takes Magneto, as well as the introduction of a new threat from his past named Irae. Be sure and check out the cover of the first issue below, and check out your comic stands in August for this marvelous untold story!

Credit: Marvel

Written by J.M. DEMATTEIS
Art and Cover by TODD NAUCK
On Sale 8/2

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