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INDIE Live Expo 2023 is a 300 Game Extravaganza

A digital Convention for Indie Games Accessible Anywhere Around The World


INDIE Live Expo, the renowned biannual live digital showcase connecting indie game enthusiasts globally, is set to return on May 20 and May 21, 2023, featuring over 300 indie games from around the world. The upcoming event aims to surpass the massive success of the INDIE Live Expo Winter 2022, which recorded over 16 million views with the help of more than 70 simulcasters.

“Day 1” of the event will feature new and never-seen-before titles, unrevealed downloadable content, news and updates for well-known indie games. The “INDIE Waves” segments will also make a comeback, presenting bite-sized pieces of content in a rapid-fire style. The day will also feature special segments such as deep dives on games hand-picked by the INDIE Live Expo Organizing Committee, and “INDIE Studios Around the World” highlighting international indie game scenes.

“Day 2,” or “The Aftershow,” will showcase long-form “let’s play” segments, featuring live gameplay of the latest indies the world has to offer, and gameplay sessions with popular influencers. The event’s sponsors include renowned names in the gaming industry such as Cygames, Happinet, Preferred Networks, WhisperGames, and many more.

The upcoming INDIE Live Expo’s 2023 summer showcase marks a significant milestone for the event, as it brings the total number of indie titles highlighted since its debut in 2020 to almost 2,000.

Founder of Ryu’s Office, Ryuta Konuma, expressed gratitude for the high number of entries for this year’s event, saying, “There were so many entries this year, we were honored that so many indies wanted to participate.” He also expressed his eagerness to shine a brighter spotlight on indie games, stating, “We are constantly looking for new ways to shine a bigger, brighter spotlight on indie games, and we can’t wait for everyone to take a close look at all of this year’s entries into the show.”

Interested in watching INDIE Live Expo’s Winter 2022 showcase? Rewatch DAY1 and DAY2 here.

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