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A Twisted Summer of Symbiotes Begins This May

It's gonna be a red Summer of Symbiotes.


Marvel has been teasing something called the Summer of Symbiotes for a few months now. As of today, we’re incredibly close to the start of that sure to be violent and terrifying event. The Summer of Symbiotes starts this May, and coincides with the 35th anniversary of the anti-hero, Venom. Now a father and empowered far beyond most symbiotes, Eddie Brock and son Dylan are in for a roller coaster of hurt.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the stories that are sure to paint this summer red. Summer of Symbiotes will of course include Carnage. Cletus Kasady will be hunting new prey in the form of Miles Morales, but he’ll also have a Cult of Carnage, and Carnage Reigns stories to tell. We’ll also get introduced to new symbiotes in Extreme Venomverse and Edge of the Venomverse, culminating in an event called Death of the Venomverse. And last but not least, we’ll get to see if Normie Osborn fulfills his grandfather’s dark legacy as Red Goblin, or holds onto his humanity.

It’s sure to be a compelling Marvel event. Stay tuned to The Workprint for more must read Marvel news!

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