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The ‘Legendary Lynx’ gets revived under Syzygy, an imprint of Image Comics

First featured in the Best-Selling Novel 'Secret Identity', The Legendary Lynx Returns to Print


Syzygy has announced that it will be releasing a remastered and expanded edition of the long out-of-print 1970s superhero series, THE LEGENDARY LYNX. The comic book series, a flagship title of the now-defunct publisher Triumph Comics, features a street-level vigilante known as The Lynx. A heroine who was a precursor to gritty, noir runs on titles such as Marvel’s Daredevil, Moon Knight, The Cat, and Spider-Woman.

“The Lynx is one of those mythic lost comic series I’d heard whispered about over the years but had pretty much given of hope of ever actually seeing,” said Chris Ryall, Syzygy’s Publisher. “Just knowing that such a compelling and influential series is going to finally get remastered and released is a huge thrill for me, and even more so knowing I get to help make that happen.”

The series is widely regarded as an essential and influential part of comic history, particularly for its critically-acclaimed initial run by writer Harvey Stern, artist Doug Detmer, and guest writer Carmen Valdez. When Triumph Comics entered into bankruptcy in the early 90s, the rights surrounding the character became muddled. However, Syzygy Publisher Chris Ryall has managed to acquire the rights to THE LEGENDARY LYNX and was able to remaster and release the series. This is particularly exciting news for comic book enthusiasts who have been seeking out the series for years, as it has been one of the most mythic and elusive lost comics in the industry.

The remastered and expanded edition of THE LEGENDARY LYNX will be based on the comic book series featured in Alex Segura’s acclaimed and bestselling crime novel, SECRET IDENTITY. The novel features Lynx comic book sequences drawn by Sandy Jarrell (as “Doug Detmer”), and was nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the Mystery/Thriller category, in addition to widespread acclaim. Pages from this in-world comic book have already begun serialization via the digital platform Zestworld, and will see print later this year from Image/Syzygy.

“Comic book history is packed with stories that are lost to the winds of time – erased by the machinery of companies folding, misplaced files, you name it. We feel particularly lucky that we’ve been able to not only discover a nearly pristine set of THE LEGENDARY LYNX #1-4, but to have someone like Sandy to help remaster the original artwork by unsung master Doug Detmer, and Grey Allison to polish the colors” says Alex Segura. “Tracking down scannable pages has been a daunting task, and I’m thankful to our team – including editor Allison M. O’Toole and the legendary Jack Morelli touching up the lettering of his own cousin, Todd. I think readers will be drawn to not only the Lynx as a historical artifact – a lost piece of comic book lore that hints at what’s to come – but as a fun, engaging superhero adventure comic in its own right, crafted with care by writer Harvey Stern and, if you believe the rumors to be true, a young writer named Carmen Valdez. We’re thankful that Chris Ryall – a comic book historian himself – was familiar with the original Lynx stories and willing to give the book a new home, and a new lease on life in print after our initial, digital serialization on Zestworld.”

“He was workmanlike, sure, but more innovative than anyone remembers, if anyone remembers him at all. It’s an honor to have a hand in restoring Doug Detmer’s name to the pantheon of all-time greats,” said Jarrell.

THE LEGENDARY LYNX remastered and expanded edition is set to be a significant addition to comic book history and a must-read for superhero fans.

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