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Weekday Rundown: Now With More Mystery, Spoilers, and Deflated Balls


The New England Patriots are in the news today because of allegations of using deflated balls after their blowout win against the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady would like to remind everyone that he is still married to Giselle, so his balls are properly inflated. (ESPN)

Lego may have spoiled some of the Avengers: Age of Ultron plot with their new Lego sets and they’re not even sorry. (Gizmodo)

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, sometimes I wish I could easily get rid of all these people I follow on Twitter”? Well, Twindr does just that for you. Make your social media life just like your dating life and swipe left on all those jerks who never followed you back. (Daily Dot)

We all know that Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy is almost as long-winded and unnecessary as the source material, but one fan has taken the bullet for the rest of us and whittled three (lengthy) films down to one four-hour movie. (Kotaku)

The Venture Bros. is returning! FINALLY. It’s only a special, but we’ll take what we can get. (Blastr)

A few weeks ago there was some speculation over the topic of a half-hour Game of Thrones special on HBO, with media outlets referring to it as “mysterious” and “cryptic.” Now the dragon’s out of the bag and–SPOILER ALERT–the special, Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life, will cover the season 5 production team while on set. Neat, but maybe not “cryptic-worthy.” (EW)

Finally, SNL parodied Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads, and while the skit may have gone on too long, I will always love and cherish whenever someone takes a jab at the Baby Biebs.

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