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USA Sets Premiere Dates for Suits, Colony, and Smackdown


USA has announced the return dates for Suits, Colony, and Smackdown.

January 7, 2016 will kickoff the arrival of WWE’s Smackdown to the USA Network with two-hours of wrestling on Thursday night at 8 PM. With the move of Smackdown from Syfy, wrestling will now be able to get all their wrestling needs under one roof at USA.

Colony, USA’s new series premiering on January 14, centers on one family’s struggle to survive and bring liberty back to the people of an occupied Los Angeles.  Colony stars Josh Holloway (Lost) as former FBI agent Will Bowman and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) stars as his wife, Katie, in the series which takes place in a dangerous world of divided ideologies.  While some choose to collaborate with the occupation and benefit from the new order, others rebel and suffer the consequences.

Rounding out the month of January for USA will be the return of Suits, airing its remaining six episodes starting on January 27. A short synopsis of the remaining episodes can be found below:

In the wake of his arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud, Mike  finds himself at the center of an investigation – led by a ruthless government prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney Anita Gibbs (new recurring guest star Leslie Hope, “24”) – that threatens to bring down the whole firm.  Harvey, having resigned from the firm in order to protect it, must tred lightly if he’s going to help Mike, or incur the wrath of Charles Forstman.  Together with Jessica and Louis, Harvey must figure out how to build a defense for Mike, knowing full well that he’s guilty of the crime for which he stands accused.  Meanwhile, Rachel must come to terms with the fact that her fiancé, and everyone she’s close to, could soon be in prison as Donna finds herself at a crossroad.

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