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Huge Update Coming To ‘Super Mario Maker’ On November 4th

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Those who are crafty and imaginative will be able to stretch their creativity a bit farther on November 4th. Nintendo announced an update will be coming for Super Mario Maker for WiiU, and will bring 5 changes with it. Here’s a trailer highlighting the new changes.

One notable improvement is checkpoint flags. Simply shake an arrow, and it will turn into a checkpoint. Now participants can take your hard-as-nails course in chunks, instead of starting over at the beginning after every failed attempt. This even applies to yourself, as you must complete your course before you can upload it.

The update also allows you to stack power-ups. If you happen to stack a mushroom on a fire flower, when Mario hits the block, he will receive a mushroom if he’s small and a fire flower when full-grown. In other words, this makes your question blocks context-sensitive.

Other features include an updated version of the Gnat Swatter mini-game, an “Official” category for courses made by Nintendo VIP, and “Event” courses. According to Nintendo, “Event courses will feature levels from partner creators outside of Nintendo”. The first course in this category will be “Ship Love”, the winning level from the Hackathon contest held at Facebook headquarters this past summer.

Are you excited for the new update? Do you already have devious level plans in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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