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The Workprint’s Host Themed Podcast


In a special podcast for those interested to get to know some of the staff and hosts at The Workprint, including yours truly, The Workprint podcast will be releasing some host themed episodes. Right now and in the near future, each of us here will talk a bit about ourselves, our art, the craft, our professions, what we’re consuming, and what’s big in pop culture. All for a fun and silly get-to-know-your-hosts podcast.

For this episode, I talk about myself and the art of screenwriting, along with fellow workprint writers and podcasters, Jad and Bassam Kaado. As the brothers and I share a bit about the importance of making writing about creating your own story, talk about some of our organizations we curate, share our artistic professions, and delve into a love of storytelling.

In this get to know the staff episode, Christian talks with Jad and Bassam about their interests, screenwriting, and more all here on TheWorkprint podcast. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

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