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The Steven Universe Movie Review: The Truth is Love

The Steven Universe Group Years Later
Credit: Cartoon Network

In this episode of The Workprint’s TV Talk podcast, Christian talks about and reviews Steven Universe: The Movie, with special guests Kyle and Lisa, an illustrator and chiptune musician, whom you may remember from the Tuca and Birdie Podcast.

Debuting last week, The Steven Universe movie is directed, co-written, and produced by showrunner Rebecca Sugar, along with longtime crew members Kat Morris and Joe Johnson.

Originally serving as the default series finale, the movie now acts as a standalone film as the series has plans to continue with cartoon network.

The movie follows a three-year time-skip into the life of Steven Universe, showing how much Steven has grown, as well as how much his life had changed, while still showcasing that some things about the characters and nature of this universe, especially regarding the crystal gems, will always remain the same. That is until a nefarious plot unfolds, and an aspect of Pink Diamond’s past returns to haunt Steven yet again.

Nevertheless, the Steven Universe movie is told strictly in musical style, all while taking a characteristic and charismatic look at the past five seasons. With the entirety of its longstanding voice over cast ensemble assembled, each character plays a significant role, as the series goes through a longstanding laundry list of references to almost every storyline throughout the series history. In what could only be seen as a final love-letter and its powerful message of finding the truth through love.

Currently, the movie is sitting at a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and is highly recommended by the crew here as well a personally myself. With a special portion at the end of this podcast about just how much Steven Universe mean to us as a series, especially myself personally.

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