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The Spider-Verse Expands With Spectacular Spider-Boy

Don't let a man do a boy's job!


There’s a lot of spider-people out there thanks to the concept of the Spider-Verse. But the vast majority tend to be adults or young adults. Now, we recently got introduced to Spider-Boy in the sold-out Spider-Man #7 by Dan Slott and Mark Bagley. But fret not if you missed the crazy popular issue, since it’s getting a second printing next month with a variant cover illustrated by Luciano Vecchio!

Who is Spider-Boy, you ask? Here’s what Dan Slott had to say:

“I can’t wait for people to meet Spider-Boy, and the unique role he’s going to play in both Spider-Man’s world and the Marvel Universe,” Slott said. “I grew up reading Spider-Man comics. He’s my favorite character in all of fiction. All I ever wanted to do was tell stories with THIS cast, and it’s been the coolest thing ever to co-create some of the characters who populate it. And this kid, this Spider-Boy, is THE one I’m most psyched about!”

Be sure and check out the sweet artwork below. And stay tuned to The Workprint for all more Marvel-ous stories.

Spider-Boy 2

Written by DAN SLOTT
Second Printing Variant Cover by LUCIANO VECCHIO – 75960620327700712
Virgin Second Printing Ratio Variant Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS – 75960620327700716
On Sale 5/17

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