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The Midnight Suns Comic Trailer Showcases Heroes From The Darkest Places Coming Together


Writer Ethan Sacks and artist Luigi Zagaria introduce a new Midnight Suns limited series coming September 14

Marvel will see the return of the Midnight Suns rising again next month in a brand-new limited-run series. Written by Ethan Sacks, and drawn by Luigi Zagaria, Marvel’s Midnight Suns put the hottest mystical defenders and ferocious fighters smack dab in the spotlight. With several heroic appearances in this epic showdown including Blade, Ghost Rider/Spirit Rider Kushala, Magik, Wolverine, Nico Minoru, and Strange Academy’s Zoe Laveau.

The team is pulled together when a terrifying threat from the late Sorcerer Supreme’s past arises from out of blue, taking the Strange Academy magician Zoe Laveau as its first target. What follows will affect the very fabric of magic in the main Marvel Comics universe, unveiling deep dark secrets and affecting many beloved magical Marvel favorites. Characters such as Agatha Harkness, Doctor Doom, the students of Strange Academy, and many more.

“This series has some twists and turns that pay homage to things that I love about this genre of the Marvel Universe,” Sacks told CBR in an interview. “This is my first book with magic. It’s been great playing with some of those fantasy elements and some of the real-world horrors threaded in via allegory. That stuff made me a fan of Doctor Strange and the original Midnight Sons. So, it’s been such a blessing to get to play in this part of the sandbox.”

You can watch the team fight with all they’ve got to conquer the worst of dangers in this all-new Midnight Suns trailer below, and can even check out exclusive artwork!

midnight suns


Written by ETHAN SACKS



On Sale 9/14

Witness a new age of Marvel magic when MIDNIGHT SUNS #1 comes to stands on September 14th. For more information, check out Marvel’s official press release.

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