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‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Susan

It's a Garbage Day Musical!


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is up to some innovative tricks with this new season. Last week, we saw Midge gain some positive career progression working now as a writer on a highly acclaimed late-night TV show. It was an episode that saw the series return to its best, though it also, introduced a new feature with time skips. 

We know now that someday Midge will be a success. Though at what cost and what happened? Is sort of the hook of the series. This episode takes into account the person we’re all dying to understand better: Susie.

Season 5 Episode 4 ‘Susan’ Review

At a very hokey stage performance, Susie is asked by her mob buddies to have Midge perform in that very same play as a favor. Given that she desperately needs to pay them back given that they not only spared her life, but have helped get her business off the ground, Susie convinces Midge to agree.

Meanwhile, at their offices after their evening of binge drinking, Gordon Ford and Midge address the awkward kiss they shared at 30 Rock. She is not interested in a relationship with Gordon, as he’s essentially the person that she needs to win over. Needing to prove to the world that she’s an ace stand-up comic, hopefully on his TV show (sort of the breakout opportunities for many comics back then). Gordon, meanwhile shares that his relationship is an open marriage. They leave it awkwardly at that, although Midge later asks Susie what the deal is with Gordon’s wife. 

At the Building New York Expo, Midge arrives to fulfill her favor for the mob. It’s revealed to be a Private Demolition and Waste Management Musical Act meant for propaganda. The numbers aren’t that bad, though this is definitely the only show where they can find a gem out of the trash, as Midge is absolutely selling out to basically help the Mob get away with some messed up dealings and regulations for their ‘disposal service’.

Meanwhile, Midge’s parents Abe and Rose, attend a play together on a rare night out. When Abe refuses to let his stance go for his interpretation of the play, the couple end up arguing over dinner with friends resulting in them calling out to the playwright to ask what his play actually was about. With Abe being absolutely wrong in his, honestly ridiculous, interpretation. It makes for an awkward rest of the evening. One which finds Abe, on his knees in sadness with his head on Rose’s lap at the end of the night. On a side note, Janusz and Zelda reveal that they’re engaged! 

At the writers’ room, Midge shares just how bad the play’s script is, as Gordon is furious that their evening’s comedian had bailed as a guest. Desperate to find someone last minute, Gordon sends everyone out to find them a comedian with Midge seeing her opportunity arrive right now. Calling Susie to see if she can be on The Gordon Ford show, at the cost of not doing the Mob’s crappy play that evening, Midge asks Gordon to be tonight’s standup. Though this is everything they both need right now: a funny act and an opportunity to be live in front of TV, Midge gets rejected as Gordon refuses to ever let anyone that works on the show actually be on the show. It’s a rule that’s never broken as there are multiple stand ups in the writer’s room who want to do it too. It also works only because the writing job pays extremely well.

At the garbage show, Midge absolutely doesn’t care and blows her lines. She lazily bombs due to her feelings of rejection from Gordon Ford, which upsets the mob. In particular, Frank who reminds Susie that the Mob absolutely owns Midge and her along with 30% of everything they do. Back at the Gordon Ford show, Sophie Lennon ends up being the comedian to make a surprise appearance. 

The biggest surprise of the episode? Is of course Susie’s run-in with an old friend. It’s something that shakes up the nature of her relationship with Midge in the series, though is also, a foreshadowing of how Susie is most definitely doing things wrong in life. As Midge’s career is most definitely on the line now.

The Take

This one much like Episode 3, features some very elaborate and stunning performance sets on stage. It’s a good episode that sees a lot of the drama finally come to a head. Mostly, in that it’s all on Susie and sees her actions finally have consequences. Though the ending is a bit of a fun shocker as well.

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