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The Happy Shop Opens a Jar With Oni Press February 2024

Open a jar and live life through the eyes of an 11 year old.


It probably says something about how cynical I’ve become as an adult that the first thing I thought when I saw the title The Happy Shop was that it was a story about dark and violent possibilities. I mean, in fairness, I was a huge fan of a show called The Good Place that was about anything but. Regardless, Oni Press and author Brittany Long Olsen are going somewhere else with upcoming title The Happy Shop volume 1, which arrives in February of 2024.

The Happy Shop 1

Here’s the premise of The Happy Shop in a nutshell:

In THE HAPPY SHOP, eleven-year-old Darcy is feeling sad and alone after she moves to a new country when she accidentally stumbles into a magical store that sells happy feelings. But when Darcy witnesses a sad feeling accidentally being sold at work, she begins to wonder. Is happiness really the only emotion people need?

While the storytelling here may be aiming for a younger audience, there’s plenty that us grizzled oldsters can gain from reading something heartwarming and optimistic. So if you’re interested, be sure and check out The Happy Shop this February. And stay tuned to The Workprint for more charming comic tales!


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