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The Batman has Resumed Filming


The Batman Resumes Filming in London After Robert Pattinson’s Covid-19 Scare

With a previous shutdown in production last March due to the pandemic, shooting on The Batman resumed for only a short period before becoming officially shut down for a second time. With an undisclosed contamination revealed to be none other than the lead actor, Robert Pattinson.  Due to actor Robert Pattinson’s Covid-19 diagnosis The Batman was halted in production for safety precautions but has already resumed filming as of last Thursday.

Though scary given the uncertain safety measures of how to contain large crews on set, the actor in fact tested negative after a two-week diagnosis. Enough time so that production resumed filming. He has also made a healthy public appearance, seen out kissing with his girlfriend, Supermodel Suki Waterhouse, of whom Pattinson has been living with and was in no way meant to reassure us about the actor’s health (I’m speculating here but I’m pretty sure it was).

The Batman was the highlight of DCFandome with many fans praising its debut trailer. The movie is set for release on October 1st, 2021.

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