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‘Teen Wolf’ – “Werewolves of London”: All Around Me Are Familiar Faces


This week on Teen Wolf, “Werewolves of London” reunites us with a few familiar faces, answers the question of who was shot, and reminds us that Scott and Malia are definitely in love.

AWOOOOO, Werewolves of London

“Werewolves of London” opens in, you guessed it, London. Ethan apparently lives there now, and is on the phone berating his boyfriend for forgetting their anniversary, when said boyfriend is thrown through their front door by hunters. Teen Wolf promos obviously spoiled this for all of us, but I still screamed in excitement when they revealed that Jackson is Ethan’s boyfriend. A fighting montage set to classical music ensued, and we find out that werewolves have been killed all over London. Ethan and Jackson figure out that Gerard is behind it all, and before heading back to Beacon Hills to take him down, they share a kiss in their ruined apartment.


Scott is in the hospital in the aftermath of the shooting at his house, listening in while Melissa is in surgery. I am freaking out because as I said last week, I can’t bear it if anything happens to Melissa. Thankfully she’s stable and is going to be okay. When Scott goes in to check on her, he’s blaming himself but Melissa wants none of that. Melissa Ponzio and Tyler Posey have had amazing chemistry as mother and son throughout this entire series, and this scene just highlights that. Before she falls asleep from her sedatives, Melissa looks Scott in the eyes and says “Don’t run. You fight.” They’ve come such a long way from Season 2 when Melissa was terrified of her werewolf son. While I was busy worrying about Melissa, apparently Scott’s dad, Mason, and Lydia were shot. Sheriff Stilinski assures Scott and us that they’re all going to be fine.

Team Wolf builds an army

Scott tells Malia that the plan is to fight back. He says they’re going to need an army. The first person they attempt to recruit is Deucalion. Since Deucalion is no longer “THE DEMON WOLF,” he’s not interested in fighting. He says he won’t help them kill Gerard, but that he’ll offer them guidance. His first suggestion is lower their standards in who they’re asking for help. When Scott points out that they already did by asking Deucalion, Deucalion tells them to lower their standards even farther.

Apparently lowering their standards means going to meet Peter Hale in Eichen House. Seriously, aren’t we done with Eichen House yet? They try to convince Peter to join them, the way he joined them in fighting the Ghost Riders, but he’s not interested. He sets a hunter loose on Scott and Malia to try to force Scott to kill someone, saying that there’s no way to take part in a war without killing. Scott won’t do it, and so Peter refuses to fight.

Later, Malia lures Peter to the high school, saying that she needs to give him all the facts about what’s going on. She sticks his claws in her neck so he can see her memories, and Peter immediately experiences that paralyzing fear that everyone in Beacon Hills has been feeling. She explains to him that it’s the Anuk-Ite corrupting everyone, and Peter says “You know your only chance is to surround your delicate Scott with killers.” He’s still not convinced that he should help.

Ultimately, he shows back up, claiming he wants revenge on the hunters for destroying not one, but two of his very expensive cars. Malia sees right through that and asks him what he saw in her head that convinced him to come back. Queue romantic music and a montage of Malia and Scott. Peter says “Don’t fall in love with a dead man,” but Malia says it’s already “too late.” MY HEART.

I’m the captain now

Sheriff Stilinski brings Monroe in and though at first she thinks he’s accusing her of shooting up Scott’s house, he’s actually trying to get her to turn in those who did. He shows her photo after photo of things Gerard has done; killing Matt to control the kanima, killing his own hunters to start a war with werewolves, and withholding information about the Beast that attacked Monroe. Monroe looks at all these pictures and says what she sees is a sheriff who is ineffective, who chooses “them over us.” When he tries to have her escorted from the station, it turns out that Monroe has turned all of Stilinski’s deputies against him. She says “this is my station now.” It breaks my heart to see the sheriff removed from the station, but as he goes, he says “I never said Gerard wouldn’t beat me, I said he wouldn’t beat Scott.” The adults of Beacon Hills all trust Scott so much and it warms my heart.

Teens with anger issues and a ton of dead werewolves

Liam is wolfed out and attacking Gabe in the locker room because he thinks he’s responsible for the shooting at Scott’s house. While he’s breaking a mirror with Gabe’s face, Theo calmly shows up and talks Liam out of killing Gabe. I love the Theo/Liam dynamic and I hope they keep it up. Gabe tells them that there are other bodies no one knows about, and then proceeds to lead them to a freezer full of dead werewolves. He reveals that they were testing werewolves, looking for a certain one, and Theo and Liam realize that Aaron, the baby-faced lacrosse freshman is one half of the Anuk-Ite. They also realize that him testing werewolves means that the other half of the Anuk-Ite must be a specific werewolf.

Scott and Malia decide they should ask another pack of werewolves, the Primal Pack for help. Remember when there used to be just one pack of werewolves running around Beacon Hills? Oh the good old days of Season 1. When they show up to the Primal Pack’s hideout, they’re seriously creeped out, so of course Scott and Malia hold hands. Instead of finding help, they find the entire pack is dead, and look identical to the bodies Gabe showed Liam and Theo in the freezer.

It looks like they need to find the mystery werewolf before Aaron does and the Anuk-Ite can merge! I wonder if it’s someone we’ve met before, or another random new supernatural creature in Beacon Hills.

Final Thoughts:

  • Where was Chris Argent this episode? He could have been shot too!
  • Lydia spends the episode wandering around a frozen hospital nightmare and reminding us that she’s “a harbinger of death.”
  • Ethan: “He’s not just part werewolf. He’s part kanima.”
    Jackson: “And both parts are pissed!”
  • Malia: “So what, you moved into a cave and took a vow of uselessness?” No Malia, Deucalion actually lives in a condo.
  • Gabe is the one who shot up Scott’s house, but says he did it to protect Nolan. Apparently Monroe believes Nolan did it himself. I’m really curious to see what happens with Nolan in these final three episodes.
  • Monroe is able to capture Jackson and Ethan because Jackson believes she recognized him from past lacrosse success. Never change Jackson.

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