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‘Teen Wolf’ Review – “Broken Glass”: How Dead Are We?


Teen Wolf’s second episode of the week, “Broken Glass,” takes us to Brazil, teaches us how to fight without using our eyes, and reunites one of Beacon Hills’ most dynamic duos. I am 100% on board with everything that happened in “Broken Glass” and I can’t wait to see what goes down in the finale.

Teen Wolf

Argents vs. Hales: a tale as old as time

“Broken Glass” opens in Brazil. Teen Wolf seems content not to explain how Chris made it out of the McCall house, or why he isn’t sitting by Melissa’s bedside. Instead, Chris is bribing people in Brazil for information. He hears the story of a mass murder, blamed on a man with glowing blue eyes, and Chris immediately knows he’s found the surly former alpha werewolf he was looking for. Obviously, I knew Derek was coming back this season, but I still squealed when he popped up on my tv screen.

Chris tracks Derek through Brazil and their ultimate confrontation was something straight out of my dreams. After an exchange where Derek tells him “you could have called,” and Chris says “you don’t have a phone,” Derek takes Chris into his top-secret compound to find a special strain of wolfsbane. Before they can walk out, the FBI shows up! Rather than apprehend “mass murderer” Derek Hale, they’re all shot by one of their colleagues. Except it isn’t one of their colleagues, IT’S EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE WEREJAGUAR, KATE ARGENT! I could listen to Jill Wagner read the back of a cereal box and be into it, so when she says “you always gotta ruin a good time” to Chris, I’m ecstatic. Derek and Chris try to convince Kate that helping Gerard is going against her best interests, being that she’s a supernatural creature herself. Kate tells them that she’s just in it for the revenge: The wolfsbane is going in a bullet, and that bullet is meant for Scott McCall.

Monroe is rallying the troops, but Nolan is having a change of heart

Ethan is still being held captive by Monroe. She’s electrocuting him in front of seemingly the entire town to teach them about werewolves. Monroe works the crowd into a frenzy when she stabs Ethan in the stomach and yells that it’s the supernatural’s time to be afraid. Ethan keeps asking the same question I’m asking: “where’s Jackson?” and Nolan is starting to look like he regrets joining up with Monroe.

The next thing we know, Nolan is walking into Beacon Hills High School with everyone staring at him like he’s a monster. Liam dramatically steps out of the shadows and says “doesn’t feel good does it?” It turns out Nolan texted Liam asking him to meet because he wants to help. He tells Liam that he has something to show him at the hospital and although he is skeptical, Liam agrees to go along.

When they get to the hospital Nolan tells Liam that everyone present is part of Monroe’s army. Liam isn’t impressed, saying he already knows that everyone in town hates them. Nolan then takes him to the ICU where they see 3 patients who are being pumped full of wolfsbane. While Liam calls Mason and Corey to come help him, Nolan tries to sneak out of the hospital without being seen. Unfortunately, Gabe catches him leaving the hospital and says they always knew he would turn on them. He starts attacking Nolan and for the first time, I actually feel bad for this kid. When Corey and Mason get to the hospital, Monroe’s army closes in.

Deucalion’s school for teens who can’t fight good and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too

Scott and Malia have a midnight rendezvous with Deucalion at the loading dock to learn about fighting without using their eyes. Although he’s skeptical of their ability to learn what they need in such a short amount of time, Deucalion says he’s going to teach them about echolocation, thermoception, equilibrioception, and proprioception. I’ll just take Deucalion’s word for it that these are real things. We’re then treated to a montage of Deucalion teaching Scott and Malia about various fighting techniques while simultaneously reminding them if this were a real fight, they’d be dead.

In which Lydia and Peter meet up, and I cry

Lydia wakes up from a dream whispering “where’s Jackson?” so naturally she shows up at Scott’s house in the middle of the night to tell him about it. When she gets there, she’s surprised by Peter Hale. They have a hilariously awkward conversation about why Lydia is looking for Scott and why Peter is looking for Malia. I love this dynamic even if Peter is a total psychopath who ruined Lydia’s life multiple times over. Lydia tells Peter that she saw him turning to stone. In fact, she saw everyone, even Derek and Ethan turned to stone. We then see a montage of Team Wolf turned to stone and I’m unable to stop myself from crying.

While Lydia and Peter figure this out, Scott manages to start fighting with his eyes closed. Just as Deucalion says “you might just survive this,” Lydia and Peter show up and tell them “none of us are gonna survive this.” Just like that, hunters come out of nowhere and kill Deucalion. “Broken Glass” ends with every character surrounded by part of Monroe’s army.

I can’t believe that next week is the last episode of Teen Wolf. While the show has had its problems along the way, so much of Teen Wolf has been wonderful, and I’m really going to miss it.

Final Thoughts:

  • It was hard for me to even write about the parts of “Broken Glass” that took place in Brazil because I was basically screaming every time Chris, Derek, or KATE(!!!!) were on screen.
  • When Chris Argent said “I believe in Derek Hale” I honestly thought I was going to die. He’s always been one of the best Argents, and I never get tired of seeing Chris side with the supernatural if he believes they’re genuinely doing good.
  • Chris: “Trust me, he drove.” Cut to: Derek finding a black Camaro and speeding off into the daylight.
  • We get a mention of Melissa in this episode, but we don’t see her. MORE MELISSA PONZIO PLEASE!
  • Seeing Jill Wagner’s name show up in the credits ruined the Kate Argent surprise for me, but I still screamed with excitement.
  • Listen, I know Kate Argent is trash. She’s a murderer, she sexually assaulted young Derek, she’s obsessed with Gerard, but GODDAMN Jill Wagner is hot. I have a serious Jill Wagner situation.
  • Parrish is still loyal to the sheriff and continues reporting to him on what’s going on at the station. Sheriff Stilinski says “remember, they know what you are” and I think my heart breaks.
  • I loved Peter asking Lydia “do you ever see anything remotely optimistic?”


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