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Supertrash Cast: “The Fanatical”


Hey guys! Here is the latest episode of Supertrash where Jen and I discuss this week’s episode of Supergirl: “The Fanatical.

This week’s episode felt like three different shows playing concurrently in a single episode of TV. We have ALOT of feelings about the way Kara and Lena are treating each other (aka: WE HATE IT!). We also discuss how the show addresses racism through James’ Guardian storyline and try to figure out how that bullet caused his helmet to perfectly split into two. And lastly, we talk about our continued frustration at Supergirl sidelining two of our favorite characters, Alex and J’onn, in order to give Mon-El more screen time and action.

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Listen to “'Supergirl' Episode 3.19: "The Fanatical"” on Spreaker.

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