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Supertrash Cast: “Both Sides Now”

Supertrash Cast

In this episode of Supertrash, Alyssa and Jen discuss the second midseason finale of Supergirl “Both Sides Now.”

While this episode had its ups and down, there was one thing it had in spades: Kara/Supergirl Hope! We discuss the introduction of Julia/Purity and marvel over how awesome Team Worldkiller is becoming. We also share our confusion and frustration at the wrench the show randomly decided to throw into Imra and Mon-el’s relationship. Lastly, Alyssa ends up shipping Imra with every single character on the show.

Listen to “‘Supergirl’ Episode 3.13: “Both Sides Now”” on Spreaker.


Also!!!! We will be covering Legends of Tomorrow during the Supergirl break, so be sure to check that out later in the week to hear Jen and Alyssa rant and rave about the Waverider crew!

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