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Supertrash: “Ahimsa”/”Dancing Queen”


Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to our Supertrash show notes post!

This week on Supertrash Jen and I talked about Supergirl 4.04 “Ahimsa” and Legends of Tomorrow 4.03 “Dancing Queen.”

Oh, boy was there a lot to talk about in this week’s Supergirl, starting with Kara in that helmet. Seriously, what were they thinking? Also, the fact that Alex has to remind J’onn that he has telepathic powers was a tad bit questionable. But we are so very excited about the introduction of Manchester Black and all of the possibilities he brings. And of course, there were tons of Alex and  Lena feels to be talked about.

And then we have Legends of Tomorrow which never fails to entertain. We get to see Sara kick some butt, Ray get a tattoo, Zari being Zari (aka always awesome) and Mick’s hatred for Constantine and his tie!

Discussion Time Stamps:
Intro: 00:00
Supergirl: 02:10
Legends of Tomorrow: 40:59

Listen to “Supertrash: “Ahimsa”/”Dancing Queen”” on Spreaker.

Maybe It’s Maybelline

The Barry Fucks w/ The Timeline Image

[S03E02 Shitpost] Timecup from r/FlashTV

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