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Storm #1 Sees New Artgerm Variant Cover

Ann Nocenti and Sid Kotian’s new Storm series breezes-in this May


Marvel announced in a press release that Storm will be getting a brand new series. Written by the legendary Ann Nocenti and drawn by the Mumbai-based acclaimed artist, Sid Kotian, the series celebrates its debut with some iconic cover art from none other than the legendary Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

The artwork sees Storm in her Immortal X-Men and X-Men Red version of the character, the woman who’s leading mutantkind as both a figurehead and ruler. She’s also got some glimmering gold that she’s wearing in this variant cover that matches the lightning sparking out of her fingertips as seen below.

The limited series will be a flashback to Storm’s early days, in an untold story about her “punk” phase. It’ll also see younger Storm take on a new threat that awakens a part of her omega-level abilities in a first-reveal. This unlocked potential will see the mutant make a critical decision that stays with her and connects to the current timeline. Like any good flashback, the experience will shed light on Storm today in both her relationships and a decision she has to make.

Artgerm is a cover artist with one of the biggest reputations in the industry. His work is highly coveted not only by Marvel and DC but also, in the games industry. As I’m sure any fans of Marvel Snap have come to realize in those Artgerm variant cards featured in the game.

Nocenti is known for co-creating iconic Marvel characters such as Longshot, Mojo, and Typhoid Mary. She was also the editor of Chris Claremont’s runs on New Mutants and Uncanny X-Men. Kotian, meanwhile, is one of the most groundbreaking artists and was part of the first wave of new Indian artists hitting the comic scene, with works at Webtoons and just about every major comic publisher.

Storm #1 art cover 2023

STORM #1 (OF 5)

Written by ANN NOCENTI


Variant Cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU

Virgin Variant Cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU

On Sale 5/24

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