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Spider-Verse Unlimited’s A Tale of Two Cities Sees Gwen Flip Her Way to Class

5-issue arc launches on Tuesday, January 10


The latest Spider-Verse Unlimited series is in this morning and it’s a treat. Written by the amazing writing talent of TV, Film, and Marvel Wastelander’s Hawkeye, J. Holtham, and featuring gorgeous acrobatic art by Nathan Stockman, this Gwen Stacy story sees our favorite Ghost-Spidey try to balance her life between two universes.

Part 1 features a Bodega Bandit battle… though, only, sort of. As it’s more of a conflict of Gwen trying to get back to a university class on time in Earth 616. The colors in this vertical comic flow effortlessly onto the next chapters of the story, and the acrobatic art is incredibly epic, where Gwen flips and Thwips like a Spider-Person on a mission to get things done.

The story ultimately reaches a head when we see that there are in fact evil twin variants between both universes. Where this Bodega Bandit is a little tougher than it seems.

Check out part 1 right now on the Marvel Unlimited App if you have it.


Writer: J. Holtham
Artist: Nathan Stockman

Colorist: Pete Pantazis
Editor: Ellie Pyle


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