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‘South Park’ Review: “The Damned”


South Park
Season 20 Episode 3 – “The Damned”
Original Air Date: September 26, 2016

FINALLY! After two episodes of mediocre jokes, the South Park writers finally throw some hard punches. While internet trolling is still the major plotline, it takes a back seat to the much more relevant presidential campaign.

With the presidential debate fresh in our minds, South Park stays relevant by pushing it to the forefront with how Trump/Garrison is unfit to be president. Garrison literally says that he does not know what the fuck he is doing and that he should not run the country. To go even further, he endorses Hillary. Much like real life, Hillary just cannot get out of her own way. Due to her awful campaign managers, she responds with a canned line: “My opponent is a liar and he can’t be trusted.”

I feel that many Americans feel the same way. Half the time, Hillary seems to get tripped up by her own doing. Be it the email scandal, the pneumonia fiasco, or any of the other disasters she has faced, she gets in her own way. With Garrison/Trump self-destructing, this race should be in the bag for Hillary.

But most Americans seem blind to everything Garrison/Trump says. In a rally, Garrison goes on stage to give a speech. He says things like: “I am a complete jackass and have made a giant mistake”, “I am not a good person and I am peeing my pants at the thought of becoming president”, “I have scissored with another woman while I was a woman”, “I am not the guy you want going to Russia to negotiate. I will probably get drunk and suck Putin’s dick”. The crowd just responds with cheering.

south park

We find out that people support the giant douche because he does not speak like a politician. The message that Matt and Trey are trying to convey is that THAT IS NOT A VALID REASON TO SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BECOME PRESIDENT. That is literally the worst reason to support your candidate. Any other reason would be fine!

Randy, who was an adamant turd (Hillary) believer, ostracizes all the people who are giant douche (Trump) supporters. With time though, Randy slowly changes his ways and supports the giant douche. People seem to be flip-flopping on who they support daily. While changing your mind is completely valid, it makes no sense when one candidate is just so bad. The one thing all Americans have realized though is that everything just seems to suck now. Why do we have two candidates that are so bad? Why does the world have so many trolls? Nobody knows how to think anymore.

Political satire aside, the main plot of internet trolling is progressing nicely. Gerald continues on his trolling rampage. He has gain much notoriety but appears to have been found out. Gerald is told to meet an anonymous person and is freaking out. Meanwhile, the boys (except Eric) are fearing the wrath that they may have incurred with Eric Cartman. Butters is extremely afraid of what retribution they will be facing due to Cartman’s prior history, especially with Scott Tenorman.

What the boys do not know is that Cartman may have actually changed and now has a potential romance with Heidi Turner. After inquiring why girls don’t have balls, Heidi offers to show Cartman her vagina. Cartman exclaims,  “HOLY SHIIIIIIT!!!”

Holy shit indeed.

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