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Silk #1 Cindy Moon Variant by Derrick Chew Revealed

Derrick Chew’s variant cover for Silk #1 hits stores May 10


Silk returns with an all-new series this May marking a beloved return for this Spider-Verse icon. To celebrate, Marvel has commissioned their beloved and best-selling cover artist, Derrick Chew, to craft a custom variant cover in celebration, which you can see below.

Announced last month, Silk’s next adventure will be written by Emily Kim, known for her recent run on last year’s Silk solo series. She will be joined by artist, Ig Guara whose most recent works on Ghost-Spider and Edge of Spider-Verse were artistically sublime. With a story set in a series of several different Spider-Worlds,  the story will see Cindy Moon inhabit new character roles in this run including as a noir detective in Los Angeles, a train-robbing outlaw, a swashbuckling pirate, and more. 

“I’m thrilled to be able to continue writing for Cindy,” Kim told ComicBook.com. “It felt like I spent the first run getting to know her and now that I do, I can use the second run to explore how she’d change when thrown into wildly different worlds. But the true fun will be to see the ways in which she stays the same Cindy we’ve known and loved for many years even when in brand new environments.”

Derrick Chew’s variant cover will also be available as a virgin variant cover! Check it out now and pick it up at your local comic shop this May!

SILK #1 (OF 5) – 75960620510300111

Written by EMILY KIM


Variant Cover by DERRICK CHEW – 75960620510300161
Virgin Variant Cover by DERRICK CHEW – 75960620510300118

On Sale 5/10

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