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SDCC 2020: What We Do In The Shadows

The What We Do In The Shadows Crew Is Back... On Zoom!

All secret meetings take place in the fancy room. But the What We Do In The Shadows Panel is open to all for #ComicConAtHome

Last season of What We Do In The Shadows (FX), we saw our band of misunderstood children of the night go through some serious arcs. During this panel hosted by Haley Joel Osment, we join the vampire crew along with Executive Producers Paul Simms and Stefani Robinson in revealing some new insights.

From the Cast:

  • Harvey Guillen who plays Guillermo de la Cruz loves the journey his dynamic journey his character’s gone on thus far. Wanting to be a vampire and learning about his vampire killer history culminated in him doing some of his favorite stuntwork in the season two finale. He also has an Instagram show called Before the Shadows, which chronicles what goes on behind the camera. It’s worth checking out sometime if you’re a fan.
  • Kayvan Novak who plays Nandor the Relentless loves the dysfunction behind him and Guillermo. Since his Familiar now has a side hustle as a vampire killer, their codependency may take a hard left turn in the future… though Nandor secretly needs Guillermo, as he’s the only person in the house willing to listen to him.
  • Natasia Demetriou who plays Nadja had spent extensive time on set with her felt-doppelganger. This had given her ample time to improvise, as most of her ADR was done while under quarantine.
  • Matt Berry who plays Laszlo Cravensworth, as well as Nadja’s paramour, had a ball penning a ton of quick jingles for their musical episode. Natasia was more than happy to say some of the ones they penned on the keyboard did make it to air. He was also tickled pink playing opposite Mark Hamill.
  • Mark Proksch who plays Colin Robinson was ironically ill for the episode where he gets some super-sick powers.
  • The cast enjoyed working with all the different Directors with their own style. This included Yana Gorskaya, the long time editor of the TV show and the movie who meticulously directed her first two episodes ever this past season.
  • Working in an actual house along with working at night and sleeping during the day is surreal.

From the Executive Producers:

  • Season 3 is a go. There aren’t too many details that can be divulged, but a few have emerged.
  • We may see some favorite forgotten faces from last season.
  • Everybody in the house will obtain that which they had been searching for.
  • Paul Simms is keeping mum at the moment regarding Nandor’s love life, but maybe it’s what he’s been searching for.
  • Colin may be seeking origins into his being an energy vampire.
  •  The wellspring of mythical creatures will be expanding, including “creatures on edifices,” according to Stefani Robinson. My personal guess is Gargoyles.
  • The house WILL be getting a pet of sorts: A Hellhound to protect it.

So there you have it, folks. Though not a ton was revealed for the upcoming Season 3, we did get a couple of nibbles in, compliments of the cast and EP’s. The panel itself was silly and you can tell they truly have fun with each other, despite not physically being together.

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