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Rediscover Marvel with Upcoming Multiverse Core Rulebook and X-Men Expansion

Uncanny Updates to Your Favorite Superheroes


As a longtime comic book fan, I thought I’d seen everything from Marvel. Movies, TV shows, videogames, podcasts and, of course, comic books. But now Marvel is invading the tabletop universe with the Marvel Multiverse tabletop RPG! While they had previously announced the core rulebook, which arrives August 2nd of this year, now there’s additional news to share for fans of tabletop madness.

First off, late in 2023 we’re getting the Cataclysm of Kang adventure book expansion. Which is pretty timely, what with our favorite purple time traveler making his cinematic debut soon in Quantumania. Here’s what Marvel has to say about the expansion:

“This book includes new character profiles and features a series of six interlocked adventures. Fans can play through with a new team or character each time, or form a campaign that takes players from street-level heroes to cosmic champions!”

Marvel Multiverse | Full
Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game X-Men Expansion

But that’s not all! In 2024 Marvel Multiverse is also getting an X-Men expansion. Here’s what they have to say about our favorite ragtag team of mutants:

“The X-Men Expansion is jammed full of vital information about Marvel’s most popular mutants, including dozens of new profiles for characters from X-Force, the New Mutants and Marauders. It also includes full-color maps of famous X-Men locations, including the Xavier Institute, Krakoa and Arakko, plus plenty of thrilling twists and turns for an entire campaign.”

I should mention, the core rulebook was developed by New York Times bestselling author Matt Forbeck (The Marvel Encyclopedia, Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeonology) with artwork by Iban Coello. If you’re interested in tabletop fun, you can pick up the Marvel Multiverse and expansions anywhere that graphic novels are sold.

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