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PAX East 2022 Hands-On Impressions: The Last Oricru


The Last Oricru uses unique Co-Op combat in a changing-narrative world.

The Last Oricru is what happens when you take a Souls game, give it co-op capabilities, and then turn up the expectations with a compelling narrative. Developed by Goldknights and Published by Prime Matter and Koch Media, this fantasy third-person RPG with medieval and sci-fi themes takes a unique take on stories. While you are enjoying playing The Last Oricru, the game, in turn, is actually playing you! As enemies, plot points, and the overall environment adapts in-game based on the decisions made by the player.

There are three primary pillars of production the game is built-upon. First, is its Souls-like combat which should feel very hack-and-slash. Second is the co-op experience-styled gameplay that ultimately changes how the game is played with an ally. Finally, it’s the diamond-shaped narrative structure, where the heart of the game’s mid-section vastly changes according to the player’s decisions.

“There’s a civil war going on that you’re dragged into, and with your actions, you’re deciding the plot. The different factions tell you their motivations of why they’re fighting, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide who wins the civil war: if all of them lose, there will be peace, or everyone is dead,” said Tobias Stolz-Zwilling the communications specialist from Prime Matter, “It’s different because it starts as a medieval game but becomes more sci-fi as it goes on. Like an ET calling home story, you’re human and in the midst of this conflict but want to leave the planet. You’ll want to find out why you’re here, how you got there, and how to go home.”

The shape of the environment is also determined by your decisions. Every choice matters as it’ll affect the outcome of the land structure and where your character begins the level. Players can summon a hologram in battle, which is basically a second player avatar that can be controlled. Player Two’s able to equip shared equipment and adjust their stats as needed. With online play and split-screen co-op available, you can pair this hologram with a friend to solve unique puzzles and conduct devastating combos together. 

“On release, the game will be online co-op as well,” said Stolz-Zwilling, “It’s just so satisfying to play with someone else because you can slice through enemy hordes together but the game is also adapting. There are special weapons that support co-op and traps that can only be triggered. You don’t have to but it’s just so much more fun IMO.”

Highlights of The Last Oricru Demo:

  • It’s a Souls-like game where you lose your experience when you die.
  • Whenever you side with a faction or do a quest, it has an effect on the world and changes both the geography and people. Allies can become enemies, and friends can become boss fights. 
  • Co-Op allows for tag-team strategies such as melee kiting while allies cast at range from behind. You can also use a friend to solve unique puzzles and combo powerful techniques to wipe out enemies, like a tethered lightning bolt.
  • Player 1 pushes the story forward and talks to NPCs. Player 2 can freely distribute attribute points however they want. Allies can revive one another but you can’t get back potions if revived.
  • The combat is fun though straightforward. There was also a slight problem in that if hologram players dropped in the water there was no way to revive them.

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