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NYCC 2023: The New Marvel Ultimate Universe Gives Fans What They Want – An Older Peter Parker and More Peach Momoko

What We learned about the upcoming Ultimate Universe in NYCC 2023


Marvel’s ongoing Ultimate Universe is going for a fresh approach for the franchise’s critical hits. At the Next Big Thing Panel at New York Comic Con, we learned a little bit about some of these upcoming plans after Ultimate Invasion, kicking off with Ultimate iterations of Spider-Man, Black Panther, and The X-Men. All set for release next year. 

Starting with the one-shot Ultimate Universe #1, the line will then focus in on Ultimate Spider-Man, where an older Peter B. Parker/Spider-Verse-inspired Peter takes the lead, in a pretty different take from what we’ve seen in 616 thus far. It’s also heavily implied that his radioactive spider bite origins seem to be different in that The Maker seems to be intervening before the bite can happen.

Why is taking a Peter B. Parker Approach a big deal for fans? 

Well, Peter B. Parker’s Spider-Verse iteration of the character also sees Peter and MJ happily married with their daughter, Mayday after effectively getting his life and marriage back in order. While it’s very different, it’s also a storyline that’s working very well as fan service for the most dedicated Spider-Man fans. The kinds of people who have been pining for Happily married Peter Parker since the resolution to ‘One More Day’ — a storyline from 2007 that effectively retconned 20 years of marriage for Peter and Mary Jane. 


Black Panther Defends Wakanda from Moon Knight

As for Black Panther, this Ultimate title series will be written by Bryan Hill (Blade, Killmonger) and drawn by Stefano Caselli (X-Men Red, Avengers). In this iteration we see Moon Knight–the force that is Khonshu and Ra–-threaten all of Africa including the soverign nation of Wakanda. This of course leads them to call upon their country’s champion: The Black Panther. 

“I was invigorated by this opportunity because in addition to my immense respect for Johnathan Hickman’s detailed storytelling, the idea of shepherding this bold new take on Black Panther in this event gives me a platform to do the kind of broad, epic, storytelling I’ve always wanted to do in comics,” Hill said at Hall M at New York Comic Con. “My influences range from the history of Black Panther comics, to Ryan Coogler’s incredible work with the recent films, to Frank Herbert’s world building capacity of Dune. This is something people won’t expect, in the best of ways, and full credit to Marvel and editors Wil Moss and Michelle Marchese for bringing this creative possibility to me.”


X-Momoko and the Ultimate X-Men series by Peach Momoko?

Finally, in this Ultimate Universe, Peach Momoko is likewise getting her own X-Men run after a very successful Demon Days run that essentially Manga-fied the Marvel Universe. The new series will be written, drawn, and covered arted by Peach Momoko herself, though how this can possibly tie into the Ultimate Universe being built is beyond me. Given how popular the artist is (plus, those amazing water colors), it’s not at all that surprising Marvel has given her another run. Though I’m excited as I did absolutely love the MomokoVerse, I’m just curious, as I think are most Marvel fans, how on Earth this can possibly tie into the rest of the new Ultimates line? 

“I am very honored to be a part of the new Ultimate Universe,” Momoko said in a Marvel Press Release. “I am very careful in delivering the unique X-Men mutant elements while still being true to my vision and voice. I am also very proud (and surprised) that I was given enough freedom from C.B. Cebulski and Jonathan Hickman to create a brand new X-Men character. It might not be the normal portrayal of a super hero… but, just like with my Momoko-verse stories,  I am excited to introduce everyone to this new world.”

I guess only time will tell these next few months.

ULTIMATE UNIVERSE #1 – 75960620801200111



On Sale 11/1

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 – 75960620796100111



On Sale 1/10


Written by BRYAN HILL

Art and Cover by STEFANO CASELLI

On Sale 2/7


Art and Cover by PEACH MOMOKO

On Sale 3/6

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