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NYCC 2023: Jeff The Shark Has Now Been Read 1 Million Times, So yes, The Marvel Unlimited Pets Series Does Well

It's Jeff! The misadventures of a misunderstood land shark has always brought a cute and almost Sunday Morning Comics Feeling to Marvel's Infinity Comics Brand


At the Next Big Thing Marvel Panel at Hall M (as Marvel calls it), the company showcased some major reveals for their titles this upcoming year. Hosted by Marvel’s Creative VP Ryan Penagos and joined by Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, there was a lot of hype in the air in what was meant to be a promising new event/series…

That was then jokingly revealed to be about the Marvel Pets Line of Infinity Comics called INFINITY PAWS.

Apparently, the reveal was that the pets are getting their own Thanos-level story! And as someone who’s covered quite a lot of them for this site, I’ll admit, I’m actually kind of super excited. The pet lines on Marvel Unlimited have always felt like reading Sunday morning comics. And according to the panel, the ‘Jeff The Shark!’ series ALONE has been read 1,000,000 times. Which is damn impressive numbers by any sort of modern comics medium means.

Originally created by Kelly Thompson and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo, Jeff The Landshark was originally the pet of Gwen Poole before more or less moving from adopted caretaker to caretaker, including Deadpool and Kate Bishop. First seen in West Coast Avengers, the little character has taken on a life of its own mostly because it’s a cute little shark doggie. Which has been embraced in the infinity comics in little homages to Peanuts and Snoopy and even this take on a Nirvana Cover.

As for the revealed event, the upcoming pet-crossover event for INFINITY PAWS will be written by seasoned Infinity Comic creator Jason Loo (Lucky the Pizza Dog, X-Men Unlimited) and superstar artist and colorist Nao Fuji (Marvel Meow). The series will feature fan-favorite animals from across the Marvel Universe: Jeff the Land Shark, Carol Danvers’ feline companion Chewie, Alligator Loki, and Lucky the Pizza Dog – all stars of their very own Infinity Comics! 

“Marvel Meow fans will be in for a treat! Or TREATS! Because we got almost all your favorite Marvel pets in this giant crossover, from the furry ones to the scaly ones,” says Loo regarding Infinity Paws. “And I couldn’t be more pleased to be joined by the delightfully talented Nao Fuji illustrating this series.” 

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