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NYCC 2023: An Interview With Kayden Phoenix About The Majestics

Native and Latina princesses save the day!


Though I wasn’t able to personally attend NYCC last year, The Workprint did, and met up with Kayden Phoenix about her then gamble to bring us a Latina superhero team called A La Brava. Following the success of that venture, this year I got to meet up with Kayden myself and ask about her newest creation, a team of Native and Latina princesses called The Majestics.

The Workprint: What’s the most significant way that The Majestics will differ from A La Brava?

Kayden Phoenix: They’re completely opposite. One is more all ages, which are the younger ones, The Majestics. My native and Latina princesses. So all ages princess adventures. A La Brava is a superhero story with Latina superheroes. And so it’s a bit older, there’s crimefighting, they have grounded powers but they go after social injustices.

The Majestics | Mexica

TWP: You’ve gone from struggling to find funding for one project to having your own publishing company, Phoenix Studios. Tell us how that feels.

KP: It feels really great! It’s really nice to be an entrepreneur, right? You have all the power in your hand, but you have all the control. So I can hire all Latina artists, I can put Latinas at the forefront, I can do what I like. So it’s very fortunate in that matter I can actually afford to do that.

TWP: Representation and empowerment are key themes in your stories. How do you keep those tales fresh while continuing to grow your fan base?

KP: That’s a great question. I think I do what I like, honestly. What would I find entertaining? So we’ve seen all the Disney princesses and they’re absolutely great, the ones I’ve grown up with. But like, where’s our space princess? There’s princess Leia, where’s the ones for the little kids, though? Where’s our Aztec, Witch princess, Death princess? It has nothing necessarily to do with the regional geography of them, but it’s fun adventure stories we just don’t get to see.

TWP: Speaking of representation, will you feature the talents of any Native artists or writers in The Majestics?

KP: It will not, unfortunately. I couldn’t find any! It’s my fault as publisher. Mexica is my Aztec princess. And they are all Latina artists by being Mexican artists. So that is Mexican, you know, their descendants and ancestry. So I did use them. But I do focus more on Latina.

TWP: How has the support of companies like Disney / ABC Eyewitness News 7, Spectrum News 1 and Telemundo changed things for The Majestics?

KP: It’s just more awareness. I’m very fortunate to even have them speaking to me. But it brings awareness to the community. And to give hope that others are out there and that you can make it yourself.

TWP: Now the most important question – which of your new princesses is your personal favorite? Which is your least?

KP: My personal favorite is Macab, and that is my Death princess.

TWP: That one looked really cool!

KP: Thank you! Okay and then my least favorite, which I cannot really say my least favorite, but of the ones that are out right now of the four, would be Alora. Not that she sucks, but I just had to get the least one, so I went backwards of my favorites and least favorite. And that is my Witch princess.

TWP: I personally think A La Brava would be amazing as an animated series. Any plans for expanding The Majestics to other mediums besides graphic novels?

KP: Yes. That was the whole purpose was to get it to studio level, which is something I cannot pay for myself. But studio level whether it’s GB or features.

TWP: Anything you want to say to your fans?

KP: Just thank you. I appreciate all the support. And just, like there is a community out there, regardless of it’s Latina or anything else in the world. But there is a community out there, and if not you can also create it yourself!

Thanks again to Kayden for her time and great answers. Be sure and check out The Majestics. And stay tuned for more NYCC coverage from The Workprint!

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