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NYCC 2020 Metaverse: ‘American Gods Season 3’ Finds A Better Sense of Direction


During the American Gods panel and the follow-up Q&A, we heard an incredibly in-depth discussion over details of this upcoming season.

With an emphasis on love of the new showrunner, Charles Eglee, the American Gods panel went underway without a hitch for NYCC metaverse online. As Ricky Whittle shared that he was excited that he got to be in scenes with other actors this season, and Neil Gaiman spoke about the Lakeside portion of the book that they’re adapting to come. Details about each shot of the show that was showcased, being nothing shy of magical. 

Season 3 from what we gathered, seems like an almost fresh restart of the series. With an emphasis on Charles Eglee and Neil’s collaboration on having a lot to do with the new storyline. It was said by Neil, that this season is seemly moving about more like a tightly wound machine. A story that’s finally going somewhere. Something which he hasn’t seen since early on in season one. Overall, the consensus during the panel was that the pacing is better and the series is less of an anthology and more of an actual story from beginning to end this time around. 

Likewise, it was revealed that newcomer Ashley Reyes will be playing a brand new character named Cordelia this season. She’s someone who is a little good at technology, which Wednesday thinks is brilliant, and so hires her for their war ahead. Cordelia is meant in many ways to play foil to Shadow Moon this season.  

From what we gather, Shadow is also on the run now. Done with Wednesday. Done with the war between the Old Gods and The New. Living as a lumberjack named Mike Ainsel. Meanwhile, Laura goes from being dead to becoming even more dead this season. Unable to cope with the idea that perhaps Shadow and her will forever be worlds apart, her character is going to delve a lot more into her own trauma. Perhaps figure out why she was so difficult as a human being. 

Overall, the general consensus was that there’s a lot more going on than previous seasons, and so is being more heavily promoted. It should also be noted that this was also the biggest planned panel of the online convention. With a live Q and A that followed afterward which you can see below.

Season 3 Is Set to Release Early 2021


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