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NYCC 2018: Ariela Barer Discusses Gert’s Journey in Season 2 of ‘Marvel’s The Runaways’

The Runaways Season 2

At New York Comic Con 2018, Hulu brought out the cast and crew of their sophomore series, Marvel’s The Runaways.

Season 2 of Marvel’s The Runaways finds the Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), Nico (Lyrica Okano), Carolina (Virginia Gardner), Gert (Ariela Barer), Chase (Gregg Sulkin), and Molly (Allegra Acosta) as actual runaways after spending the first season of the show investigating the truth behind their parents secret cult and horrific actions.

The Workprint got a chance to sit down with Ariela Barer to discuss Gert’s journey thus far, what to expect in season two, and what it’s like to push a dinosaur around in a shopping cart.

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Were there any changes in how Old Lace was depicted on-screen in Season 2?

Ariela Barer: Everything was pretty much the same but there is one pretty big change that is a huge plot spoiler. I can’t tell you. At one point she does have a different skin. I’ll tell you that much. 

When you’re pushing the cart, what’s actually in there? 

Barer: There are a couple of takes where there is a full puppet in there and I was really struggling. I remember watching playback and there are some scenes where I’m really far behind. We have two versions of the puppet – a full one and a blocking one that is not as heavy. For the very wide drone shots, the cart was filled with balloons.

How did you like the dynamic of the relationship between Gert and Chase that developed over the course of Season 1?

Barer: I kind of love it. I love the slow burn. I love that I got to be the girl unapologetically chasing the guy. She got to be the quirky, hopeless romantic and not feel shamed for it. I don’t think she ever feels like she’s in the wrong for pursuing what someone would dub “out of her league.” She knows what she wants and she pursues it. Gert is a strong lady who goes after what she wants. I was really happy she got her way. 

What can we expect from the relationship between Molly and Gert in Season 2 now that the parents are out of the way?

Barer: It is a very interesting dichotomy between the two ways their stories are progressing. Molly never had parents and Gert just lost her parents, but it is still very different what they’re going through. They both are rediscovering family in a new way that I think together is very, very powerful, but there is also a separation that they both haven’t figured out yet that is very interesting to see throughout the season.

Now that you guys are runaways, is it a different feeling like you’re in the meat of it?

Barer: Definitely! The stakes are way higher. Last year was the investigation of all these things possibly happening and now they are happening. It is life and death. Definitely the stakes are higher. It’s a teen drama still, but it’s definitely under different circumstances. We don’t really have time to think, “Does this person like this person? Are we doing this?” Everything is out on the line right now and we’re discovering the truths about people really quick. It’s scary. What they do in the later episodes is stunning. The writers trusted us this year with a ton of intense material that I’m excited about. 

How is Gert’s anxiety influence the team dynamics with the group now living in the hostel?

Barer: It definitely influences the team dynamic, especially when we are learning to be superheroes – when we are training and doing missions. It’s really hard for Gert to adjust to this new lifestyle.


Season 2 of Marvel’s The Runaways will air on Hulu on December 21.

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