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NYCC 2017: Lore TV Brings Real Life Horror To The Small Screen


Amazon’s upcoming show Lore was at New York Comic-Con this year and we discovered numerous skin crawling tales to look forward to as the award-winning podcast comes to life in this new mixed medium series. Lore combines animation, live-action sequences, archival images and footage, and narration to tell the origin stories of numerous myths, folklores, and legends from around the world.

The original Lore podcast was created by writer Aaron Mahnke who explained the idea for the series came while he had been doing research for a book. We chatted with Mahnke at NYCC where he talked about his love for tales of the unusual and the macabre that brush up against history. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and Lore captures that. Mahnke also spoke about how he was working on three books that expands the narrative even more. The first one titled Monstrous Creatures is out on October 10.

Watch our full interview:

We were also able to speak with actors Robert Patrick (Scorpion, Terminator 2, The X-Files), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Once Upon a Time, True Blood), and Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) on their experience working on an innovative show like Lore. All three were attracted to the project because of their interest in playing a character from a different era. Roden is also a big documentary and history buff and was excited to have this be her first job post-Teen Wolf. She was thrilled to take on the role of a fiercely independent woman during a time when females were still expected to be subservient to their husbands and to men in general. Bauer van Straten was drawn to her character’s protective instincts, while Patrick was initially sold because Gale Anne Hurd was attached to it and he just new it was going to be good.

Watch our full interviews with Patrick, Bauer van Straten, and Roden:

Lastly we also chatted with Executive Producers Brett-Patrick Jenkins (Face/Off) and Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead) on how they got involved with the project. Jenkins had been a huge fan of the podcast and contacted Mahnke through Twitter. Meanwhile, Hurd spoke about her passion for history and horror and how Lore combined these two elements together. She also loved being able to examine the origin stories for our supernatural tales and see how they are rooted in real life events.

See our full interview with Hurd:

Lore also had an interactive experience for fans at New York Comic-Con this year. A museum was set up where attendees would visit three rooms that corresponded to one creepy tale from the upcoming series. Each room also had an actor that would interact with audiences and walk them through the scene they were witnessing. My favorite was Robert the Doll of course, the spooky real world counterpart to Chucky.

Source/courtesy: NVE The Experience Agency.

For more on the Museum of Lore check out this video:

Lore premieres on Amazon Prime Video October 13, 2017.  Having previewed the first three episodes, the series will certainly be setting the mood for Halloween this year. It’s done a fantastic job in bringing the mysterious and at times terrifying events from history to life on the small screen. It’s October and it’s time to get scared folks.

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